Sad Happy

Do you know that song “Sad Happy” by the  band Cold?  I feel like that is what my blog has become over the last week or so and it’s quite disturbing. It is not because of pictures like this…

Nor is it because of lyrics like this…

She was only trying to breathe – her broken nails had sliced his skin – as he bruised her face, she fades away again

Nope. It’s because for the past week the top search term bringing visitors to my blog is “sad face.”  Seriously? What’s up with that?  I mean, I do know, I’m not stupid, it’s because of this blog post. What I’m really wondering is WHY are so many people searching for “sad face”? Are there that many depressed people out there that they must take to Google to look up other sad people or images of sad faces? That’s a depressing thought all by itself. I’m just going to hope that when they Google “Sad Face” and they find my blog and they see that it’s called “My Happy Dance” that they will realize that I’m not sad after all but I’m really quite happy and then I hope that they become happy too and then I hope that everyone will be happy and life will be good.

Hooray! Happiness for everyone! If could sprinkle happy dust on you all I would but I can’t. I’m sorry. Sorry…but still happy. Happy Face… :o)


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