What To Do About Work Hair

It’s a frustration I face every single morning.  What do I do about my hair???  My long, dark, boring hair.  :-/   Here’s the scoop…

I work in lower management for the city.  I speak with citizens of our city every single day and occasionally speak at public and commission presentations.  I have to look professional at all times.  My hair remains a constant source of stress in my life.  Living in Florida the humidity is atrocious and even with anti-humidity and anti-frizz creams my normally straight hair will frizz and wave all by itself.  It looks sloppy on humid days.  It does the same thing on rainy days (which are also frequent) again because of the humidity.  It’s also excessively hot all the way down here in South Florida.  Excessively hot means getting little beads of sweat from time to time which seem to enjoy being on my brow making bangs a terrible, terrible idea or on the back of my neck making leaving my long hair down a bad, bad idea.

So, what’s a girl to do?

Sure, I could cut my hair but I really, really, really don’t want to do that.  I like long hair.  I could wear it up but I’m so awful at updo’s.  I still have the dexterity of a 6-year old when it comes to styling my own hair.  Have you ever seen a 6-year old try to style her own hair?  Would that look good in a city office?  Yeah, I don’t think so either.

So, what do I do?  I spend hours upon hours browsing Pinterest for hairstyles I love and yet know I could never pull off by myself.  I need someone to come to my house every single morning and just style my hair.


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