♥ To-Do ♥

I have a journal that I keep…it’s red and it has a little magnetic clasp and it’s my To-Do / To-Go book. Inside of it I record all of the things I want to do and all of the places that I want to go. Whenever I do any of the things or go any of the places that are inside of my book I cross it off and date it. At the end of the year I like to look back through the book and look at all of the things I’ve accomplished, it makes me feel good. I’ve decided to keep an online version of that book here.


1. Eat a hot dog at “The Varsity” in Atlanta, GA. I saw it on the Travel Channel one time, I have to go now.

2. Visit the Statue of Liberty 07/11/1995

3. Visit the Statue of Liberty (again).

4. Learn a martial art 05/12/2006

5. Go the Birmingham Zoo in Birmingham, AL. I’ve been to the Zoo in Washington DC, Tampa FL and Cincinnati OH. I like zoos.

6. Spend New Years Eve in Times Square, NY.

7. Visit every MLB stadium. I’ve been to the Rays and Nationals stadiums. I have a long way to go.

8. Cook a pancake. I am an excellent cook but for some reason pancakes are my nemesis.  04/23/2011

9. Go on the shark tank dive experience at Sea World in Orlando, FL.

10. Ride in a Hot Air Balloon

11. Foster animals / Adopt a rescue pet  04/10/2013

12. Visit the beach 06/12/1986 (I moved to FL on that date.)

13. Perform on stage 04/09/1999

14. Visit Niagara Falls 07/12/1995

15. Visit Niagara Falls (again)

16. Finish college  05-17-2012

17. Go to Greece – Athens and Santorini Island

18. Take an Alaskan Cruise

19. Go sky-diving

20. Travel across America by train

21. Marry the love of my life. I have already found him, I hope this one gets crossed off soon.  05/12/2011

22. Visit St. Louis, MO

23. Visit an American ghost town

24. Go white-water rafting

25. Read 12 books in one year 12/31/1996

26. Volunteer for adult literacy program

27. See the Grand Canyon

28. Swim in a waterfall 07/27/1999

29. Travel outside the United States 07/12/1995 and 02/08/2010

30. Ride an elephant

31.  Go to College Football Bowl Game  01/03/2012

32. Learn a “fancy” dance like waltz or salsa

33. Travel Route 66

34. Visit Washington D.C. and all the monuments  07/11/2006

35. Played football on a girl’s league  04/10/1998

36. Eat Sushi  05-25-1997

37. Spend New Years Eve in a foreign country

38. Go backstage VIP at a rock concert  10-22-2009 Shinedown, Avenged Sevenfold, Atreyu

39. Go Deep-Sea Fishing

40. Learn to Scuba Dive

41. Earn my teaching certificate

42. Learn to sew

43. Learn Sign Language

44. Go to an Orlando Magic Game


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