Nail Drama

I used to have a terrible habit of biting my nails.  It wasn’t as terrible as some I’ve seen because I never bit them down into the pink where it only looked like half a nail but I did bite them.  They really looked rough.  Then one day I woke up with a brilliant idea!  I was going to start painting my nails.

People thought I was crazy.  My mom had used it as a bribe ever since I was a little girl (I’ll take you to get a manicure if you stop biting your nails and let them grow a little bit).  She used it as a bribe every year since I was 7.  I’m 31 and yet it doesn’t seem to matter.  She will still bribe me with it.  As though the idea of spending money to have someone else paint my nails was going to be enough to make me stop biting them.  It never worked.  I bit them incessantly.  I had no motivation to stop biting them until I met my now-husband.  I wanted SO bad to show off my engagement and wedding rings but I was so embarrassed by my nails.  I would somehow try to hide my fingers while showing my ring.  It was awkward.  People that knew me overlooked it but still…I felt odd.  I knew I had to break my habit and stop biting my nails.  That was how my ingenious idea was born.  “I’ll paint them,” I thought to myself, “and then I won’t want to bite them.”

I know, it sounds a bit ridiculous but guess what?  It worked!  Here’s why – I had to invest time and money into the painting process and I was wayyyy too lazy to spend that much time re-doing something just because I bit them.  No way was I going to spend over an hour sitting there cleaning my cuticles, cleaning my nails, trimming and shaping, painting, painting and top-coating just to turn around bite them!  One little nibble would chip the paint and then all of my work would be ruined.  I’d have to re-do them.  Ugh.  Every time I would go to bite them I would see all of my hard work staring me in the face and I’d put my hand away. No. More. Biting.

That was about a year ago.  My newest problem has been finding that perfect “go-to” nail color.

A few problems: I’m not talented enough to do anything fancy, I’m too lazy to re-do them multiple times a week, I hate my nails not matching my clothes, and I work for the government so they can’t be anything too exotic.


I love some of the nail trends like art or bold unique colors but I can’t pull them off at work.  My only option would be to paint them wild on Friday night and then re-paint them on Sunday night for the work week.  That’s not going to happen.  So I’ve been looking for a neutral shade that I can wear pretty regularly.  I have a pale pink, a gentle cream, a muted orange, a medium pink with a light sparkle and a burgundy that I can wear most days.  They are all neutral enough that I can wear them without them standing out at work or contrasting too heavily with my clothes.  None of them have been the solid go-to color.  The one that I feel I could grab in a pinch and have it always work.  Then this weekend I went shopping and I found “Eternal Optimist” by Essie.  I bought it.  It had potential.


I spent all Saturday evening cleaning and prepping my nails.  I painted them with “Eternal Optimist” and applied the top coat.  Then I settled in for a Dexter marathon with my husband.

A few hours later, can you guess what happened?  The top coat had bubbled!  There on my nails were a bunch of tiny little top coat bubbles!  Well, color me annoyed!  I ended up having to remove it all (fortunately the top coat bubbles came off without removing a lot of the paint) and I just applied another coat of paint on top.  They look fine.  I was too lazy to totally re-do them.  Now I’m walking around with top coat-less painted nails.  They aren’t protected at all.

I guess this is what it feels like to walk on the wild side…live a little dangerous…go without a top coat…


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