Well, What Shall I Do?

Today is a big day.  A big…big…big day.  There is a decision to be made and I’m running out of time.  I have two hours to make a decision.  A big decision.  A decision about…

How to cut my hair.

Eek!  Women understand.  It’s a big deal!  The wrong hairstyle can go all sorts of wrong.

1st…it can be the wrong style for your face.  It can make you look older or heavier just by being the wrong cut.  I don’t want to look older or heavier!  I want to look young and pretty.

2nd…it can totally date you and I don’t mean in the, “Hey baby we should go out sometime” kind of way.  I mean it can make you look like you just walked out of the wrong decade.  I’m probably dating myself here but do you remember that episode of Seinfeld with the lady with the horribly out-dated hair?  I don’t want to be her.  No woman wants to be her.


3rd…you could end up hating it.  Sure you think to yourself, “I want a super cute pixie for the summer!” but three days in you find that pixie isn’t really for you and you miss being able to braid and ponytail your hair.  You miss the way long hair looks under a floppy summer hat and you regret ever having cut it off to begin with; now you have to wait months for it to grow out and by that time you’ve adjusted (slightly) and no longer know what you want.

4th…or you could end up hating it because you leave it long, like it’s always been, and regret not having the courage to do something serious with your hair.  Cut 5 inches?  NO way!  Coward.  Be courageous!  Cut it off!  Free yourself from the tangled chains of hair!  Unless #3 applies…in which case leave your long beautiful flowing summer tresses and embrace those beach waves!

5th…maybe you just need a subtle change.  Are bangs subtle?  Do I need short bangs or long bangs?  Side swept maybe?  Thick bangs like Zooey Deschanel or lighter like almost everyone else?  Wait…it gets REALLY hot this time of year.  Foreheads sweat…bangs look matted and gross…ok…no bangs.  Unless they are side swept.  Could I do side swept bangs?  Would they annoy me?  Ugh.  Maybe layers.  Could I do layers?  Will my hair look too thin if I do all over layers?  Maybe I should just cut face-framing layers.  That could look nice.  Or…would that be bringing back “The Rachel”?!  No! No! No! I will NOT be dating myself with a 90’s cut!


Ok…calm down…nothing drastic.  Maybe I should just cut off the split ends and the dry hair, trim it up and shape it into something soft and gentle.  Nothing crazy.  I could leave it relatively the same, just healthier, and just color it.  Should I dye it all over or just add highlights?  Highlights or Lowlights?  Or both?

Oh boy…now that opens up a whole new set of questions and problems!



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