Back to School – For the Non-Parent

Great.  The kids are going back to school today and parents across the country are thrilled about it.  Hooray for you.

I, on the other hand, am not a parent and the first day back to school is a thorn in my side.  You see, I get spoiled over the summer by the lack of interference in my morning schedule but now…school is back which is a nuisance for me.


It means that kids are gathering at bus stops again.  This really means that these kids, who are mischievous little imps,  are gathering on street corners very early in the morning usually without parental supervision.  They run around and push each other which means they sometimes stumble out into the street.  Yes, the street that I’m driving down in order to get to work.  The street that has been child-free at 7:30am every morning for the last three months is suddenly a potential death trap because unruly kids can’t wait on the sidewalk.

It also means that school buses are out again.  Oy!  It means I have to leave my house earlier than I have been for the last three months so I can time it just right and avoid being trapped behind a school bus.  It’s ok to be trapped behind a bus once or twice but it becomes annoying when the bus has to stop three times, on the same street, only 5 roads apart to pick up kids. So I get stuck behind a bus while these snot-nosed brats in the backseats make ugly faces out the back window to taunt the drivers (me) behind them.  Then, the kids who just got on the bus are fighting over seats, who has to sit in front and who gets a coveted seat in the back.  An argument breaks out, the bus driver has to get up and go break it up, and all the while me and the other drivers are waiting…and waiting…

I suppose really that’s it.  I’m actually ok with back-to-school stuff.  I’m just not a morning person and I hate morning distractions.  I need at least two hours, a cup of coffee, an apple fritter and the clock to read later than 9:00am before my grumpy bear goes away and I’m tolerable to be a part of society.


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