Excited! Yep…Pretty Excited!

Aside from my new followers I am sure that you are aware that I have a great love for the literacy charity, Room to Read.  They are pretty incredible and they do really amazing work.  Every year I choose one of their charity programs to support and I try, through Closed the Cover, to raise money for them.  This year our goal was to raise $500 to support their Girls’ Education program.


Well, they work in the developing world and currently 42% of girls in the developing word do not attend school and do not have access to education.

Of the 793 million illiterate people in the world, 67% are female. Yes, that is over 500 million illiterate women.  It’s pretty staggering, right?

Ok…so why am I excited?

Well, I’m putting together an online fundraising campaign and I am anticipating being able to give away nearly 25 free Kindle eBooks to a winner!  Awesome, right?!

In order to enter to win the books entrants will be required to donate a minimum of $5 to Room to Read’s Girls’ Education program.  I’m not certain if it’s going to be one entry per $5 donated (so a $20 donation would be worth 4 entries) or if it’s one entry per donation regardless of the amount.  I’m undecided.  Thoughts?

Well, so far I have quite a few books donated to the cause including three of my favorites from the past year or so.  I’m really hoping that we can make this successful and raise some money for those girls.  🙂

Stay tuned to my site Closed the Cover, for entry.  The event goes live on August 15th.


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