Am I the only one that has one of these living inside of her?  This little horned green jealousy monster?

I’m telling you he lives inside of me and for the most part he’s pretty well-behaved and pretty well-contained although he is always standing at-the-ready to jump out and go berserk on anyone who may make the mistake of setting him off.  Honestly, I’m kind of glad he is inside of there because the world is full of whores and harlots who don’t respect marriage and will pursue a man despite knowing that he has a wife at home.

You can’t trust these women.  You just can’t.  I’m almost at the point where I don’t trust any women.  I trust my husband.  I trust him 100%.  He’s wonderful and I don’t doubt him for a moment.  Women on the other hand, they can be sneaky creatures.

My husband insists that women aren’t looking at him the way I think that they are but he’s just not noticing it.  I tease him that he’s just so head-over-heels in love with me that he doesn’t notice when other women are looking at him.  It gets me so riled up!  I’ve noticed women looking at him while we’re in the mall, at Starbucks, out to dinner, at the beach, and even around our neighborhood.  There are women online that flirt with him despite knowing that he is married.  He always shuts it down, reminds these women that he is married and not interested in their flirting but I’m sometimes doubtful that they get the message.  How could I think dirty women get it, especially considering what I heard at work this morning?

I have a despicable co-worker who has been seeing a married man.  This morning, at work, I heard her  say, “I know people judge me and think I’m a terrible person but I’m not.  I want who and what I want.  All I did was make it clear that I wanted him and he came to me.  Sure, I pursued but I’m not the one who had vows to keep.  I don’t know his wife why should I pretend like she matters to me?”

Oh! I wanted to walk over to her and just smash her pretty little face!  What kind of harlot talks like that?  Are women like that really out there?  It’s no wonder I get defensive when I see women checking out my husband.  Women can be so wicked.  I know…I know…not all women but dammit…what is wrong with people?

Don’t mistake this rant…my husband is the most loyal man I’ve ever known and we have a very happy marriage.  He’s my best friend and I know that I don’t have to worry about him being unfaithful.  I just get annoyed when I think about my co-worker and other women like her.  Then, knowing that I’ve seen women stare at my husband and I’ve heard, repeatedly, how attractive he is and how lucky I am to be with him.  I’ve had friends say, “You’re lucky.  If he was single…” and then they finish by saying something along the lines of they would be flirting with him.  It’s wonderful to know that people think my husband is an attractive and sexy man but above all else, he is mine.

I swear one day my monster is going to rage and I’ll be helpless to stop him.

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