What Will Be…Will Be

If you have been following along lately you should know of a few things that have been going on.  We have been discussing moving vs not moving.  I have finally come to terms with my lack of growth opportunities within my current job and started job-hunting.  It has been a struggle and, as of recent, disappointing.  I have kept telling myself to keep moving forward, keep smiling, keep my faith in my Lord and it will all work out as intended.  As I wrote yesterday, the Lord is my shepherd and He will not lead me astray.  I just have to keep believing that everything will work out ok.

I’m going to backtrack a little bit here…stay with me…

I am an open networker on LinkedIn and I try to connect with as many people in my industry as possible.  What can it hurt?  The more people you know, the more people you connect with, the more opportunities you can be exposed to.  It only makes logical sense.  Early this year I connected with a woman on LinkedIn who messaged me  and we shared a little bit about our careers and how we may be able to help one another.  She was nice.  We didn’t talk for about two months after that.

Then…my manager asked me to attend a work conference on behalf of our company.  I didn’t really see the value in it but she was insistent.  After discussing it with my husband, I agreed to go.  It was nearby and it was only three days.  Fine.  I decided to reach out to all of my LinkedIn contacts to see if anyone I had connected with was going to be present at the conference.  As it turned out, about a dozen were going including the woman I mentioned up above.

At the conference I met up with my LinkedIn connections, including the woman I previously mentioned, and we all talked about our careers and goals.  I mentioned wanting to take my career to higher places and being open to relocation.  She confirmed that is very well connected in our industry and could probably help me out.  She would keep her eyes/ears open for me and suggest my qualifications to anyone looking to fill a position.  She promised to be in touch.

That was two months ago…I haven’t heard a peep.

I interviewed for a job in my city but the offer went to another candidate.  I was crushed.  I wanted the position…kind of.  I wanted the job but I didn’t really want it here.  I want it but I want it in a city we would love.  I kept telling myself it wasn’t meant to be.  If it was meant to be, it would be.

Stay patient.  Stay optimistic.  Stay faithful.  Pray.

I’ve been feeling kind of down though and just praying a new job comes my way.  My current job is fine but I want to move on to bigger responsibility and better income.

Then…this morning…yes…THIS morning.  Literally less than 2 hours ago…I received this message, “Are you a … ? I may have found you a job…”  I replied.  I detailed my experiences in the capacity she asked about and now I’m waiting to hear more details.

Obviously, I don’t have a new job. I don’t know what company it is with or what city is based in.  I don’t know anything other than that one sentence in an e-mail.  What I do have is hope…and optimism…and encouragement that it is all going to work out and it will all be ok.


2 thoughts on “What Will Be…Will Be

  1. Best of luck! You are already looking to bigger and better things, the worst part is just waiting for the best opportunity to come through. Here’s hoping that time is now 🙂

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