Disappointed but…Oh Well…

In March of this year I applied for a job in a nearby city.  I work for our County government now but this city job was a better job with a higher salary.  I debated about it for about 3-4 days then applied.  I never heard from them and eventually forgot about it.

My husband and I spent the next few months talking about, thinking about, and beginning to plan for a relocation to Atlanta, GA.  He’s from the area, I love that region of the US and he has family there.  Plus it’s a full 8-10 hours closer to my family than we are right now.  We were serious about our plan to move and decided to visit Atlanta in early June.  That trip confirmed that we wanted to live there.  It was SO hard to leave and come back to Florida.  Coincidentally…on the drive back I received a phone call from the City wanting me to come in and interview for position I had applied for three months earlier.

Talk about a mixed signal!  I found myself so curious wondering, “God…why did this happen now?  Is this your way of telling me we’re supposed to stay in Florida?”  I went to the interview and it went fabulous!  It was the best interview I’ve ever had in my life.  I honestly felt like I aced it!  It couldn’t have gone any better.  I received a phone call later that they were running background checks, then asked to complete a drug & tobacco test, and informed of expected starting salary.  I was told I would hear from them within a few days.

Deep inside I knew my husband and I both had the desire to move to Georgia.  We had talked about it so much and had a plan.  This job though…this job…it changed everything.  If I was hired we wouldn’t be moving.  It would be silly.  I was about 90% certain I had the job.  They had spoken to convincingly about it.

So, what to do?  Take the job and stay in Florida?  Take the job but still plan to move to Georgia?  Turn down the job and move to Georgia?  We both knew we would probably be staying.

Then…this morning happened.  I received a phone call that the job had been offered to another candidate.  The hiring manager had recommended both me and another woman for the position but the city manager chose her.  She scored two points higher than me when all evaluating criteria was reviewed because she had a few more years of service in that specific line of work.  TWO points!  I was crushed.  I cried.  WTH happened?!  I was SO certain.  I felt like such a failure.  It’s the very first job I have ever interviewed for and not been hired.  It was epic disappointment.  I cried.  I did.  I’m not ashamed to admit it.  She hasn’t accepted the position yet and if she doesn’t accept it then it will be offered to me but still…it hurts.

So, then I find myself wondering again, “Hey God, what’s the deal?!”  We intended to move to Georgia and on the drive home from the trip that confirmed our plan I get a call about this job.  I thought that meant we should stay.  Now, what’s up?  Am I supposed to stay in my current job?  Is there supposed to be some great future for me here?  Are we supposed to move to Georgia?  Was this whole thing just a way of showing me that I can apply for, and be hired for, higher level positions?  Honestly, when I applied I didn’t think I stood a chance of being interviewed.  I didn’t think I had the qualifications but out of nearly 300 applicants only 5 were interviewed.  Of those 5 only two were recommended for the job.  I was 1 of those 2.  I have to be proud of that even if I am crushed that I wasn’t #1.

Not to mention, my husband has no job opportunities here.  The field of work he is pursuing just doesn’t really exist down here.  At least, not very much of it.  He would do SO much better in or around a big city.

It’s always been a goal of mine to move away from Florida…my husband loves his home city…he has family there…my family is closer…job opportunities are better….

“Hey God…thanks for the boost of confidence!   Thanks for showing me that people out there do think I’m intelligent and talented.  Even though this job didn’t work out (and I’m bummed) I think I get the point of it all.”

Anyone want to help me find a job in (or around) Atlanta?



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