That’s IT!!

Ever have one of those days where you wish you could just curl up with a puppy and a book of jokes?  That way you could cuddle and laugh and enjoy the moments?  That’s how this day has been.  I have two puppies at home and a pretty hilarious (in a good way) husband but right now, I could sure use a book of jokes.

Actually, I’d take just someone telling me a joke.  Who has a joke?  It can be good or bad, it doesn’t matter.

Here…I’ll start.  What do you call a fake noodle?  An Impasta.  LOLOL.

Your turn.


2 thoughts on “That’s IT!!

  1. There’s nothing like a puppy to brighten your day. My puppies range in age from 13 to 4. They’re always glad to see me, don’t argue back, and make me go awwwww when they look at me with those puppy dog eyes begging for treats.

    Here’s a porpoise joke:
    A scientific expedition goes out to sea to study the porpoise in its natural habitat when they come upon the oddest thing. One of them is floundering around, his swimming so awkward he’s easily pulled into the boat. The problem becomes apparent when instead of fins, it is found to have feet, too. One scientist says, “Poor thing. I can help him by removing the problem”

    Another one says, “Absolutely not! That would be de-feeting the porpoise!”

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