Let He (or She) Who Has Eyes…

Let him (or her) see!  And read.  🙂

For those of you who don’t know (and you should all know by now) I run another blog over at ClosedTheCover.  It used to be here on WordPress but then I decided to convert to a .com and I moved to Weebly because I like the layout better.  I missed WordPress though so now I post weekly updates here and regular updates there.  Still though…I’m getting off topic…back to the point…

Over at Closed the Cover I’m fortunate enough to have met a lot of really great authors.  A lot of those authors, with their kind hearts and great stories, offer to giveaway advanced copies (sometimes signed copies) of their books.  Awesome, right?  Right!  So I’ve decided to post the giveaway widgets over here on My Happy Dance.

<————— The giveaway widgets are right over there <—————-

So, now you can enter the giveaways from here and try to win free books.  Let he (or she) who has eyes see (my widgets) and read (their books)!

Good luck!

Oh…and new giveaways come up all of the time so keep looking over there.

And…if you want to be especially awesome then you can subscribe to the RSS for that blog too.  🙂

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