Word Nerd

I know that I can’t be the only person in the world that does this but sometimes I feel like I am.

Confession: Sometimes I browse/read the dictionary…for fun.

I know, go ahead, snicker.  It happens.  A lot of people snicker and giggle when I make that confession but it’s true and I can’t help it.  I blame my 7th grade English teacher.  You see, he used to have these vocabulary cartoon flash cards that we could review if we finished an assignment early.  I always have been a faster reader which means I usually quite a bit of time to kill while waiting for everyone else.  I reviewed a lot of those flash cards.  They taught me quite a few words like “chattel” and ‘fortuitous.”

chattelIt became fun for me and I developed an obsession with words.  Actually, I always have had a penchant for words.  I remember when I was five years old I had climbed a tree in my backyard with my brother.  I was very high in the tree and too afraid to scale back down.  I remember yelling at my brother to go and get Dad because, “I’m in a serious predicament!”  Instead of going to get my Dad for help my brother began arguing with me over whether or not I really knew the meaning of the word “predicament.”  He was certain that since he was older than me (by a full 23 months) that if he didn’t know the meaning of the word there was no way I could know the meaning of the word.  Eventually he went and got my Dad but he still didn’t believe I knew what the word meant.  I did know.  I learned it from the Cabbage Patch Kids cassette tape that I had.  On the cassette tape two girls (Sybil Sadie and Rachel Marie) were kidnapped by the evil Cabbage Jack.  After they were kidnapped Colonel Casey (he’s the official historian of the Cabbage Patch Kids) said, on the tape, “Yes, those girls were in some kind of a predicament!”  Thanks Colonel Casey!

So, learning new words has just sort of become something I enjoy.

I downloaded the Dictionary app on my smart phone because it gives me a “word of the day” every day.  I try to use it a few times a day to commit it to memory.  Today’s word, just in case you’re curious, is:

Wuther – (verb) To blow fiercely.  Example: “…and the wind would wuther past the upright barrels of their guns.”

I also use the Kindle app on my iPad to highlight, define, and save new words.  I also get very excited when I’m reading something and I see words I don’t know.  It’s like a kid on Christmas morning!  I was actually just reading my textbook for my social research class and I saw the word “ruminate.”  It means to think deeply about or contemplate.  I learned that word a few years ago.

It’s an exceptionally nerdy characteristic.  I am well-aware of this perception but I can’t help it.


4 thoughts on “Word Nerd

  1. I used to read the dictionary, I would flip it open at any page and see how far I could get before I met a word I didn’t know! Now I am in love with using a thesaurus on my phone or laptop.

    • Oh my, don’t even get me started on the thesaurus! I used to have that app but I deleted it once it became an obsession. I would be about to say/write something and then think to myself, “No, wait, there has to be a better word for that.” 🙂

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