What’s Your Name?

It’s hilarious sometimes to hear the things that happen on the phone during my workday.  I hear people say some of the damnest things.  Sometimes I feel like I should make a note of them throughout the workday and then post them here for you all to enjoy.  One day I might do that.  You’re guaranteed to laugh.  Today, about an hour ago, it wasn’t actually what was said as much as it was what I heard.  Some people have a bad habit of constantly interrupting us while we are trying to talk to them.  The person on the other end of the phone was yelling.  Half of the office could hear them.  I imagine that the conversation went like this:

Customer – “You are so RUDE!  I want to speak to your supervisor!  What is your name?!?”

Co-Worker – “Sir, my name…”

Customer – “I asked for your NAME!”

Co-Worker – “Yes sir, my name…”

Customer – “I can’t believe you won’t provide that information. You are in public service.  I have the right to know who I’m speaking to!”

Co-Worker – “My name is…”

Customer – “I want your name and your supervisor’s name and then I want to speak to your supervisor!”

Co-Worker – “My name is…” Slim Shady!

Ok, so she didn’t really say “Slim Shady” but after hearing, “My name is…” four straight times it’s all I could think of.  I mean really, what else am I supposed to think at that point?  I honestly think that most people would think “Slim Shady” after hearing the words “My name is” that many times in a row.  Am I wrong?  I don’t think so.

It kinda cracked me up.  I couldn’t laugh though.  At least, not out loud.  She would think I was laughing because she was getting yelled at (she’s not my best friend, ya know?)

It was hilarious.  At least it was hilarious to me.  I laughed on the inside.


6 thoughts on “What’s Your Name?

  1. the funniest name I ever had once was years ago, a customer was shouting at me so I said can I take you name, she said yes it’s Miss T. Towell! had to put her on hold! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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