H&M over A&F

My last post was all about telling you how awful Abercrombie & Fitch is for telling us that any woman over a size 10 is uncool and unattractive.  Now, check this out…


H&M has decided to use Jennie Runk, a size 12 model to highlight their new bikini line!  A&F tells us anyone over a size 10 is uncool and unattractive whereas H&M is telling us that size 12 is beautiful in a bikini on the beach! Hooray H&M!  Here is the article from MSN

“H&M is trading in its usual ad campaign using super thin models and trying something new with its 2013 summer beachwear campaign.  According to The Stir, the brand has chosen plus-size model Jennie Runk as its 2013 swimwear model. In an ad for the swimwear, Runk, a size 12, is seen looking absolutely stunning in a two-piece bikini as she plays in the ocean. This isn’t the first time a brand has used a plus-size model. In fact, many brands and magazines are embracing the idea that yes, curves are in—and beautiful. It’s about time.”

Hell yes H&M!  It’s so good to see too.

It’s also funny to me because tonight, at dinner with my husband, I passed on a free dessert b/c I know I need to watch my weight and lose a few pounds.  Then I see something like this and I think to myself, “Yes, for your normal range you need to lose a few pounds, but don’t obsess.  This woman is larger than you and she’s absolutely gorgeous!  Chill out…it’s ok…

So basically what I’m saying is Fnck You A&F and Way To Go H&M!


7 thoughts on “H&M over A&F

    • She is, isn’t she? I always tear apart every single part of myself in a bikini. My hips…my thighs…my stomach…my arms. Then I see her and I think, “Wow. She’s beautiful!” and realize I’m way too self critical.

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