A Good Man

Sometimes, like just a few minutes ago, my husband does something really amazing that makes me smile and reminds me of exactly how sweet he really is.  He’s a great man and I’m a very lucky wife.

Over the last few days that d-bag CEO of Abercrombie & Fitch has been all over the news/web/social media because of those exclusionary comments he made regarding “fat chicks” and the clothes they carry at A&F.  If you somehow missed it, here’s an image with his picture and his quote:


Like I said, total d-bag, right?

Ugh. So naturally there are a lot of women really upset over this.  He basically confirmed our worst fear which is that we are judged based on weight/size, that people are turned off by larger (over size 10) women, that women are unattractive if they gain weight and we are entirely correct to be obsessive about every ounce of weight on our bodies.  Thank you Mr. Jeffries for causing women nationwide to feel shitty about themselves.

Am I the only one that wants to beat the living daylights out of this man?

So, there are people out there that are total jerks!  Then there are people out there like my husband.  My husband saw what Mr. Jeffries said and responded with the following on Facebook along with a link to what I posted above:

“Whatever dickface. Your clothes are cheap, lame & feeble imitations of quality clothes. I don’t spend $ there anyways. Beauty isn’t assigned to any particular size. Douchebags like this speak, but they don’t speak for the male majority. Fk outta here w/ that. #rant”

Yeahhh!  Fk outta here w/ that Mr. Jeffries!  Douchebags like this “don’t speak for the male majority.”  The male majority that understands that women are beautiful based on the heart, mind and soul.  The body is a vessel and it changes over time.  It can, and will, gain weight, lose weight, earn scar and get sick.  It doesn’t matter though because it’s a person’s core that matters.  The value and worth of a person isn’t determined by the size of their pants.  The value and worth of a person is determined by the size of their heart.  It is determined by their values, morals and behaviors.  My husband knows this and it’s one of the millions of reasons why I love him so much.  My husband loves and adores me completely whether I’m size 4 or a size 10 (and I’ve been both and everything in between since we’ve been together).

I love that man.  I have a great husband! ❤



6 thoughts on “A Good Man

  1. That’s awesome! That quote on the other hand…wow. Hadn’t heard about it until now…there really are a lot of scumbags out there. Glad you’re surrounded by some good people that aren’t 🙂

    • Yeah, there are a lot of jerks like him. It’s unfortunate too b/c they seem to be the ones that most young girls listen to when they should be listening to men like my husband.

    • I sure wish you could “like” it multiple times. It always makes me feel good when people “like” a post of mine. I’m happy to see you agree w/ my husband. The world needs more men like you guys.

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