New Addition

Our family got just a little bit bigger on Friday night!  When I say “a little bit bigger” I honestly mean “little bit” as we added a tiny new Chiweenie puppy!  He weighs in at a little over 4lbs.  His name is Wilkins.

WilkinsWe already had a 3-year old 7.9lb Chihuahua named Tebow so now we have two little dogs to smother with love and attention.  Wilkins (named for Atlanta Hawks legend, Dominique Wilkins) was a foster puppy that we adopted.  His Dad was AWOL and his Momma died from an infection she developed after giving birth.  Wilkins and his four sisters were in a foster home waiting adoption when we scooped him up and brought him home.

He has been the sweetest little thing!  Tebow loved him immediately which was good.  There hasn’t been any food possessiveness or toy possessiveness and they’ve been good together.  Naturally, Tebow has moments where he’s a bit annoyed by the new, young, spry little pup but I easily see them becoming the best of friends soon.

Welcome Wilkins!




5 thoughts on “New Addition

    • Choodles! Lol. How cute is that? So far, so good with him. A few little “accidents” but nothing major. He’s a good boy. A little separation anxiety but I expect he’ll adjust just fine.

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