A Dream about Wishes

I had the most unusual dream last night.  I dreamed I was given the ability to make my wishes come true.  It was really exciting!  I remember that in my dream I had a million things I wanted to wish for however, like most things, there was a catch.  There were rules. 

  1. I was able to make only one wish per day.  It had to be a specific wish.  For example, saying, “I wish for a long and healthy life” is incorrect. Those are two separate wishes.  I would have to wish for a long life one day and then a healthy life the next day. 
  2. I had to wish for people individually, unless they were married.  If they were married I could wish for them as a couple.  I could wish something like, “I wish my parent’s were healthy” and that would be ok but I couldn’t say, “I wish my brother and his boyfriend were healthy.”  A married couple could equal one person for the wish; otherwise, they were two separate people.
  3. I couldn’t wish anyone back to life.  Once someone had died it was too late and I had to accept their death.  If I wanted someone to live a long time I had to wish it before anything happened to them.  I could wish someone back to good health if they were sick.
  4. I couldn’t ask anyone if they wanted me to wish for them or what they wanted me to wish for them.  I couldn’t say to my sister, “If you could have a home anywhere in the world, where would you want to live?” nor could I say to my mom, “If you could make one dream come true, what would it be?”  I could wish for someone else but I had to wish it on my own.
  5. In order for the wish to be my real wish I had to say the words, “Today I wish…” followed by what I was wishing.  If I said the words “I wish” in any phrase other than, “Today I wish” it immediately voided my ability to make my wishes come true.  If I was frustrated with my football team and I said something like, “I wish they would get their defense together!” or if I was exhausted at work and said something like, “I wish this day would hurry up and be over” then *POOF* my wishing ability was void and I could never make another wish come true again. 

In my dream, I remember being so excited when I first found out I could make wishes come true and then immediately felt the overwhelming responsibility of his newfound power.  All I could hear was, “With great power comes great responsibility.”  What was I going to do with this new ability for wishing?

The first thing I did, the very wish I made, was for me and my husband to both live long lives which meant no less than 92 years.  I sort of thought that one was obvious because if I died I couldn’t bring myself back to life (1. I couldn’t wish since I’d be dead.  2. I can’t reverse death with a wish).  I needed to be alive to make wishes.  The next day I made the wish that I would never say the words “I wish” other than once a day when I said, “Today I wish…”  I thought that was kind of clever.  It was a safeguard against violating rule #5 and losing my ability to make wishes come true.  On days three, four and five I wished that my husband and I would be 100% physically, emotionally, and mentally healthy for our entire lives (remember…specific wishes).  Yes, I know my first five days were selfish wishes but above all else I felt the need to protect my family.

Once those first five wishes were out of the way, then what do you wish for?  How do you prioritize?  First, I decided not to wish for anything until 11:30pm or later.  I figured in that case I would be able to preseve a wish for as late in the day as possible and it would be available if it was needed.  In the case of the explosions at the Boston Marathon last night I could have immediately said, “Today I wish that no additional lives are lost due to the bombs in Boston.”  It would not have brought back anyone who had already died but it would have saved all of those in critical condition. 

Do I first wish for health and longevity for all of our loved ones?  Do I wish for national improvement or international peace? Do I makes wishes for strangers?  Houses for the homeless?  Money for the poor?  Health for the sick?  Or do I wish selfishly?  My husband and I are both in school.  Do I wish for our degrees and all of the knowledge and confidence that comes with it?  We are both pursuing new careers.  Do I wish for those ideal careers and all of the experience and wisdom that would come with a decade on the job?  We would like to buy a home in a city and state we loved.  Do I wish for this or do I simply wish for the finances to be able to afford a new home and cars and vacations?  Do I waste wishes on specific things or do I make one wish for the finances to be able to buy/do all of the things I want?

I woke up pretty anxious and feeling stressed.  It’s a tough job having wishes to make.


6 thoughts on “A Dream about Wishes

  1. Wishes are hard work! It would be very difficult to prioritize though. Personally, I would think that you would want to ensure your financial security, without preventing you from participating in all the experiences that would create your future life. Maybe wish for unlimited funds in an investment account or something, so that you could continue pursuing your education, but not put yourself in debt doing so. Then maybe use wishes in small ways around you everyday, unless you feel strongly about using a wish for something major. your positive life and influence would like create a slowly growing wave of positivism and happiness that would emanate from you to affect a large number of people in an organic fashion.
    Good Luck!

    • I agree Christopher. When I am awake and thinking about the situation I came to same conclusion. I would wish for the wisdom to handle my financial affairs properly and then I would wish for multiple accounts of unlimited funds. That way I could simply purchase a home instead of wishing for it and save that wish for something else.

      It was a fascinating dream.

  2. What a truly awesome dream. You are completely right though, huge responsibility… Massive. I know what my first wishes would be, and I assure you they would be the same ones you made in the beginning. 🙂

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