Who Needs Music

Who needs music when you’ve got a brain like mine?  Today…it starts like this…

A co-worker comes up to me, “I finally watched Episode 15!  I can’t believe Merle is a zombiezombie-merle now!!!”  Me – “Well, technically he’s not.  Technically he’s dead now.  He was a zombie for all of about 5 minutes but, you know, details…”  Co-worker – “Yeah.  It was so hard to say good-bye to Merle.  I just sat there and mumbled…”goodbye Merle.”

Goodbye Merle?  Goodbye Merle?  Goodbye Earl Yeah…I’m ashamed but it happened…

“Mary Anne and Wanda were the best of friends – All through their high school days – Both members of the 4H Club – Both active in the FFA – After graduation Mary Anne went out – lookin’ for a bright new world – Wanda looked all around this town – and all she found was Earl – … – That Earl had to die – … – Goodbye, Earl – Those black-eyed peas? … ”

Black-eyed peas…

Oh no….here it comes…wait, I don’t actually know the words to any Black-eyed Peas songs anyway.  Good.  I have work to do.  This has to stop!  Stop!  Hammer time!

mchammerpic“You better get hype, boy, because you know (You can’t touch this) – Ring the bell, school’s back in (You can’t touch this) – Break it down! – Stop, Hammer time! – You can’t touch this [x4] – Break it down! (Nice pants, Hammer) – Stop, Hammer time! – Every time you see me – The Hammer’s just so hype – I’m dope on the floor and I’m magic on the mic – Now why would I ever stop doing this? – With others making records that just don’t hit – I’ve toured around the world, from London to the Bay – It’s “Hammer, go Hammer, MC Hammer, yo Hammer” – And the rest can go and play”

And then here I am at my desk, at work, singing Dixie Chicks and MC Hammer in my head…wiggling and dancing a little in my seat…having myself a grand ole time to the music that only I can hear.  I sometimes wonder what they would think if they could hear what I hear.  The way they look at me sometimes it makes me wonder…

“Do you hear what I hear – (do you hear what I hear) – Ringing through the sky shepherd boy –
Do you hear what I hear – (do hear what I hear) – A song, a song – High above the trees – With a voice as big as the sea – With a voice as big as the sea” 

Ok…at least that last song is a song I actually love.  🙂


9 thoughts on “Who Needs Music

  1. OMG spoiler alert!!! Why did you ruin it for me!!!! (I didn’t read the post –I just saw the pic). Now I need to catch up this weekend (I’m also reading the compendium)

    • Oh my gosh!!!! I’m SO sorry!!!!!!! I didn’t know…I thought…Ohhh…. :,( It already aired so I wasn’t thinking of it as a spoiler. Dang it! Forgive me? Then catch up and come back. We will talk about it.

      • Definitely will. But at least it gave me reason to catch up so I can see what the heck happen! (The compendium and TV show are two different story lines…)

      • My husband reads the comics and keeps telling me the same thing. He’s a fan of the show too. We kind of love that it’s two different stories, it keeps us from finding spoilers in the books.

  2. Made my brain activate the song “Hear What I Hear” – Kilo (from my hometown ATL): http://youtu.be/3nAJjl9ZjX0 . Sorry, but “do you hear what I hear” made me think of a song other than the Xmas tune. “Do you hear, do you hear? What I hear, what I hear. That boom, that boom, ooh I like the boom” LOL.

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