A Little Less Wise

Unfortunately, in a few weeks it appears as though I’m going to be a little less wise.  It’s a sad reality.

A few weeks ago my husband went to the dentist.  It had been a while for the both of us and he was brave first.  His appointment was fine and he needs a cleaning. Dentist’s always want to clean your teeth.  I swear your teeth could be 100% flawless and they would still say, “Everything looks good, you just need a good cleaning.”  They are a bunch of sadists.  I finally decided to be brave yesterday and I went to the dentist.  I knew it was going to be bad and I was right.  I cursed my Dad for the whole afternoon.  My Dad has great teeth and bad gums; apparently I inherited that from my Dad.  Dang it!  The dentist told me my teeth are “perfect” but my gums are bad.  I need a “full debrivement.”  Doesn’t that just sound terrifying?  “FULL debrivement?!”  Yeah, it’s pretty scary especially when you compare it to “just a good cleaning.”  Ugh.  I wanted to sob.  I didn’t but I wanted to.  Stupid gums!

Then it got worse when he said that my wisdom teeth must come out.  Dang! Dang! Dang!  I had honestly thought that since I reached the ripe old age of 30 with my wisdom teeth intact that they would be able to stay.  Alas, it is not to be.  The little pearls of wisdom have to be taken out.  The dentist told me it would be “easier” on me to have the full debrivement done when they take my wisdom teeth that way they could just knock me out for an hour and a half to two hours and get it done.  Yes, the dentist actually said “knock you out.”  That didn’t sound pleasant either. 

My dentist is actually a really nice guy.  He’s friendly and he’s encouraging but he’s still a dentist!  Do you know what I think of when I think of dentists?  I think of Orin Scrivello from Little Shop of Horrors.  In the movie he was played by horror movie icon Steve Martin.  😛

Remember these lyrics?  You’ll be a dentist (Be a dentist)  You have a talent for causing things pain (Pain) Son, be a dentist (Son, be a dentist) People will pay you to be inhumane (Humane) I am your dentist ([Incomprehensible]) And I enjoy the career that I picked (Love it) I am your dentist (That’s what you’re best at) And I get off on the pain I inflict (Really love it).

I know I’m just being a baby and I know it will be fine but the idea of being put under, having four teeth taken out and a “full debrivement” kind of scares me.  I can’t help it.  It’s 6 weeks away and I’m already quaking in my boots!


10 thoughts on “A Little Less Wise

  1. i was just writing about the Dentist from the Little Shop of Horrors – here is something to look forward to – drugs:) and when i had my wisdom teeth pulled, i lost a lot of wait and was able to eat as much ice cream and sherbet as I wanted (the cold will feel good and help with swelling. try not to worry, it will be over before you know it and you will be blogging all about it!

    • I’m so glad to have met someone else who knows (and likes) Orin from Little Shop of Horrors! He was one of my favorite characters from that musical although when he sang about finding a pussy cat and bashin its head I wanted to bash in his head! The losing weight thing sounds enticing. I guess that could be a silver lining to this whole thing.

    • Oh no! Well that confirms it. I knew it would stink. I’m so happy they are just going to knock me out and I’ll never have to know anything about it…other than the pain of recovery.

  2. You will do fine. I had mine out about five months ago and I had them for almost 40 years :-). Be careful of the pain pills though. They can make you make you a bit loopy.

    • I’m sure I’ll be feeling loopy b/c the knockout gas, the pain pills and the pain. Ugh. I guess though that if all of you other people can recover then I can recover too.

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