Last night I was thinking about decorating and, over my bookshelf, I kept imagining a giant map.  Something like an old ancient-looking map.  Something like this perhaps:


It’s beautiful!  No?  Of course it is!  Ahh maps.  How I love them!  Cartography is a beautiful art.  I love being able to look at them and imagine all of these beautiful places and fascinating people and interesting history.  I love being able to read my books and look at maps and imagine it all unfolding.  It’s incredible.  I love the idea of being able to raise my child(ren) to understand maps, geography, archaeology, and history.  I love thinking about my child(ren) seeing this whole expansive world out there and realizing the beautiful endless possibilities of life.  Maps chart the paths to anywhere and everywhere in the world.  The metaphors are endless.  Amazing.  Magical.  Romantic. 

Not to mention, maps can be on anything!  Just look at how beautiful they can be. 


9 thoughts on “Maps

  1. Maps are always fun. My Mom made me a really cool gift this year for my birthday. She bought 9″ letters or my name and covered them with maps from an old atlas. They have many places of significance showing. Place we lived or visited, etc..

    • That is such a neat idea! How funny you would mention it because I saw a similar idea on Pinterest the other day and thought it was interesting. I considered doing something similar with our family’s last name.

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