Take a Flight

Have you ever seen that movie, “Yes Man” with Jim Carrey?  I admit, it’s not his greatest work, but it did make me laugh a lot.  Do you remember that scene at the airport when he and Zooey Deschanel walk up to airline ticket counter and buy two tickets on the next plane no matter where it’s going?  They end up in Lincoln, Nebraska!  Poor saps.  They made the best of it though and had a great trip.  Fabulous!  I’ve always wanted to do that!  Ok, not that exactly because I don’t want to go to Nebraska but I have always wanted to plan a quick trip to a place I’ve never been, would probably not normally go, and that lacks a major attraction (like Disney World, Washington Monument, Hollywood sign, Stonehenge, etc).  Sure, I might end up just doing what I normally do at home like going out to dinner, going to the park, aimless shopping but it would be somewhere new and that alone makes it kind of exciting.

Today I decided to look up the cities that are small local airport can fly to and here is what I found:


Now, you don’t have  to be a genius to figure out that Detroit, MI is out.  The high crime and exceptionally poor economy seems to make that pretty obvious.  Chicago and Niagara Falls have major attractions so they are also out.  I have been to Lexington, KY so that’s out too. 

This would leave me with the following options: Fort Wayne, IN; Greenville, SC; Knoxville, TN; Peoria, IL; Plattsburgh, NY; South Bend, IN; and Springfield, IL.

Considering that I do not know a thing about any of those cities except for Knoxville, TN I have no idea where to pick. 

Where should we go?



2 thoughts on “Take a Flight

  1. Springfield, IL is the capital of Illinois. and I have been told Peoria is dull. South Bend, IN is the home of University of Notre Dame – College Football Hall of Fame and a close drive to some of the greatest Amish restaurants. Not certain about the other places – I would think SC would be a pretty area to visit.

    • You know, I’m sure that somewhere down in my psyche I knew all of that. I definitely knew about the capital of IL and Notre Dame (my family HATES Notre Dame!). I’ll probably just toss them all in a hat and pick one. 🙂

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