My Favorite Position

On another blog I saw where someone asked the question, “What’s your favorite position?”  I probably thought about the same things you’re thinking about but she meant to read.  What’s your favorite position to be in when you read a book?  Hers was in her pajamas curled up under her blankets in bed.  It made me think about mine. 

Mine would be here…


Let’s face it.  Reading on the beach is better than reading anywhere else.  The beach is actually pretty amazing despite the fact that I have a fear of the ocean, don’t really love getting sand everywhere and it’s always absurding crowded because of all of the seasonal visitors.  Still yet, I love laying on my lounge chair and reading a book. I especially love reading nautical tales like Moby Dick or The Old Man & The Sea.  *swoon*

Oh, and that fear of the ocean thing…I have to find a way to get over that.


2 thoughts on “My Favorite Position

  1. when I sleep under the covers in bed, I fall asleep. I enjoy sitting on my rocking chair – the same one used to rock my boys when they were babies. 🙂 pretty picture up above!

    • I do the same thing which is why I cannot read in bed (or on the couch). It’s less than 30 pages and I’m out cold. I can sleep at the beach. I’d be as burnt red as a lobster!

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