Extra Credit with a Heap of Pride

Today on my other blog, Closed the Cover, a fellow blogger, Word Wabbit, liked one of my posts.  I couldn’t help but click on “Word Wabbit.”  It just made me smile too much.  Word Wabbit‘s tagline made me smile even more because it says, “Wrestless Word Wrestler.”  Now, put it all together with me – Word Wabbit, Wrestless Word Wrestler.  If that’s not a fabulous fit of alliteration then I don’t know what is because it’s pretty awesome. 

It also made me think of my 10th grade English Language and Literature class.  My teacher was always trying to make us recognize allegory and alliteration and archetype and allusion and pun in literature.  As a result she would offer extra credit for bringing examples of any of them into class. 

peanutOne example I remember from class and that I’ve seen a dozen or more times since then is the joke about the peanuts that were walking down the road.  One was assaulted!  Get it?  A-SALTED.  A Salted Peanut.  Hahaha! 

Another one was a makeup ad that said, “The Face That Launched a Thousand…” I think it was lips and it was an ad for lipstick but I can’t remember.  Either way, it was an obvious literary allusion to Helen of Troy whose face supposedly is “The Face That Launched a Thousand Ships.”  Read the Iliad if you don’t know what I’m talking about.  Watch the movie “Troy” if you don’t like to read but just know that Troy the movie isn’t nearly as good as The Iliad the book.  I’m not sorry to say that either.  It’s true.  The movie was average.  The book is an epic classic.  People aren’t going to be talking about that movie in 500 years.

My favorite extra credit was the day in class when I looked up and there, in the front row, sat one of the drummers from our marching band wearing our school jacket that said, “Pirate Pride Personified” Ha!  It had been there in front of us all year long and not one person had realized it or stolen the credit for it.  I jumped up and told her I had an extra credit alliteration for her and then claimed the back of our school jacket.  Hooray!  Points for me!  Sometimes it’s the nerdiest things about myself that I’ll never forget.  🙂


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