Feeling Foul

Ooh I don’t know why but I am in such a foul mood this morning!  I mean it.  I’m annoyed and aggravated and feeling quite irritable.  I wasn’t this way when I first woke up but now, at work, I’m just cranky.  Why?  Perhaps because it’s just been one of those days. 

First, I am barely at my desk when a co-worker calls all upset with me.  Apparently she sent me an e-mail about something she wanted me to do immediately because she had promised someone it would be done by 5pm.  She sent this e-mail at 3pm.  I suppose it had escaped her that 1) I wasn’t in the office yesterday.  2) My phone was directed directly to my voicemail which stated I was out of the office.  3) My e-mail returned an out-of-office message stating I wasn’t in the office.  Nope.  I guess she missed all of that and was upset with me because something didn’t get done yesterday.  My response?   I told her to pay more attention to people being in/out of the office and to never make a committment on my behalf.  I’ll do what she asked but it won’t be today.  She can deal with the customer’s wrath.

Then, I’m processing checks and I have three checks that came in with no information.  There is no address, no account number, no nothing that tells me where to put this money.  I called the first one and spent 15 minutes on the phone with them waiting to figure it out only to find out they had accidentally paid it twice and told me just to shred the checks.  :-/   Fine.  Then I called the next one and spent 10 minutes being transferred through a phone tree before finally getting to accounts payable.  I explained the situation and the lady was SUCH a snot!  Her first reply was, “Let’s make something clear.  I didn’t prepare this check so this is not MY mistake” to which I replied, “Ma’am, I don’t care whose mistake it was I just want to know what your company is trying to pay.”  Yeah, a bit snotty in return but dang it…she deserved it!   I gave her the check number and then she says, “Who is it payable to?”  0_0  what?  Oh Lord.  I gave her our company name and she says, “Spell that for me.”  O_o  what?!  This lady is pushing my buttons.  I replied very simply, “No.  Ma’am, I gave you your check number.  You can look that up and simply tell me the address it is in reference to or I can simply mail the check back, delay your payment, delay any release of lien, and your company can do their research and resubmit it.”  She then said, “I’ll have to transfer you.”  She put me in a call queue.  I hung up.  I mailed it back.  They can deal with it.

I’m simply in no mood for this today.  NO mood.


2 thoughts on “Feeling Foul

  1. I applaud you for mailing that check back. You should indulge in a caffeinated beverage tomorrow to celebrate not being some nasty lady’s doormat. I think it was professional how you handled it. You told her what would happen… As for your coworker, that’s totally her issue and she knows it. Being panicked and taking it out on you still doesn’t change the fact that she’s responsible.

    Hope your day got better!

    • I think I may have to indulge in a Raspberry White Mocha Latte from Starbucks tomorrow. Mmmm! Pink coffee = amazing! Yes, my day did get better just as soon as I got home. As always, being with my husband made me feel better. He’s always my comfortable and safe place.

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