Let’s Talk Miles

If we take a trip in the way-back machine I can take you back, about 13-15 years, to my days in high school.  Do you know one thing that really sucked when I was in high school?  My gym class.  No, it wasn’t because I was embarrassed to change clothes in front of other girls or because our coach was a total tool or because I didn’t enjoy gym class it was because I was one of the few unfortunate kids that had gym class scheduled for 1st period.  Yeah, that meant that I was able to show up to school, dress out in my gym uniform, run around and get all sweaty and gross at the very beginning of the school day and end up looking like a total trainwreck for the rest of the day.  Those 5 minutes that you get to change clothes isn’t long enough to shower, dry/style hair, apply make-up and look adorable again.  It sucked.  For an entire year.  I remember that the best days were the days we were supposed to “run” the track around the football field.  Our coach didn’t really care if we ran or walked so long as we were moving.  On those days I chose to walk because I was able to maintain my appearance and actually look acceptable during that school day.  All of my subsequent years in high school I subbed a particular skill or sport in place of actual “gym” which means I had a swimming class instead of gym one year and weightlifting another year instead of gym.  What does this mean?  It means that other than the occasional dash through the rain to get to my car or the front door of my house I can’t recall running for a single day in my life other than when I was the littlest of little kids. 

Isn’t that a bit odd?

So that got me to thinking about my little red to-do/to-go journal book.  It’s full of amazing and wondrous things that Irun want to do and places that I want to go.  I thought that perhaps I should add “run” to my list.  I know it sounds foolish but it’s something I think I might want to accomplish and it is unbelievably simple.  I’m not saying that it’s going to be a permanent thing because I might find that I absolutely despise runnig but I think it’s something I want to at least try.  This area in Florida has about  five or six 5k runs a year and I want to be in one of them.  Just because.  I hate “k’s” though so let’s talk miles.  It’s a 3.1mile run.  I bet I could do that.  I bet I could definitely do the one that comes around in late September.  That’s a little over 6 months from now.  No problem, right?  All I know is a sport bra, some running shoes, some good socks, sunscreen, sweat pants/shorts and a shirt I can get all sweaty. 

Plus, let’s not count out the benefits of running.  My heart will be healthier which is a plus.  I’m sure it will help to lower my cholesterol and help me lose weight (though not a ton of weight.  I do like having some curves!).  Maybe I’ll even get to where I’m comfortable off the treadmill and outside.  That’s a maybe though.  Ooh I can take our dog!!  Who am I kidding?  That little chihuahua hates it outside in this exhausting FL sun.  Maybe I’ll take him to the treadmill with me.  He could have his own little treadmill.  Maybe not.   I don’t know if our apt complex allows dogs in the gym.  Probably not.  Plus, when it rains those FL thunderstorms I can get to my car faster!  Or my front door faster.  I’ll have an excuse to download (oh…umm…I mean…buy) more music and I can listen to more music.  Not to mention it’s one more thing I can cross off of my to-do list, one more thing I can say that I’ve done, and one more thing that I can feel accomplished over.  I like that feeling.

Most importantly though…I watch The Walking Dead.  I know a zombie apocalypse is on the horizon.  I’m not stupid.  If I do this then, when the zombies come for me, I’ll be ready!



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