Lydhveldidh Island

I’ve been a way for a while because my grandfather passed and my husband and I were travelling to attend the services.  I’m not up to blogging about him yet but I wanted to drop a note and explain my absence.

This is, instead, about Iceland. 

Today I learned two interesting facts about Iceland.  First, there is actually no letter “C” in the Icelandic alphabet.  It’s true.  No “C”. 

Naturally, an immediate question arose. 

How can a country with no “C” in their alphabet be named I”C”eland? 

The answer?  It’s not.  The actual name of Iceland is  Lydhveldidh Island or “Island” for short.  The bastardized version of the country’s name has become Iceland because, I’m assuming, English has a “C” in the alphabet.



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