Home Again

All morning long I’ve had the lyric in my head, “I know they say, you can’t go home again…” and I know it’s probably true but there’s a part of me that really wishes that we could.  If I knew I had a job (a good job…comparable to the one I have now) I’d be trying to convince my husband to move back to West Virginia with me.  I don’t have a job there though so instead I’m just trying to be happy where I am.

There’s so much that I love about Parkersburg though!  Sometimes it’s the silly things that come to mind too like the Grand Central mall in Vienna.  I remember that mall like I was just there yesterday.  I am sure it’s changed a lot and I’ve heard they took out the fountains and removed the ducks but once upon a time it looked like this and it was marvelous!


I loved that mall.  I still do.  I was there just three years ago and it was still fabulous. 

Do you know what I just did?  I just searched events in Parkersburg from 12-17-12 to 12-31-12 and I found 80, yes 80 events!  Maybe that’s not exciting to you but down here where I am right now I had a hard time finding 10.  There is all kinds of stuff too.  There is a fossil exhibit at the museum (I am an ancient history/archaeology nerd even though I don’t get to show that off down here.  That time I visited the Smithsonian in Washington D.C. though I was in heaven!  Dinosaur bones galore!)  There is a “Holiday in the Park” lighted park display in the  city park.  I love lighted park displays!  In Alabama in 2010 my husband and I went to one in Huntsville.  We even took our puppy all dressed up in his cute Christmas sweater.  I miss stuff like that.  There are two holiday light display walking tours.  There are four holiday music concerts.  There is a huge New Years Eve celebration/party in the  city park.  There are two winter market’s, a ball, and a blues music competition.  There are Christmas movies in the park.  There are Christmas parades.  There are boat tours down the Ohio river.  Oh…and speaking of Ohio…Parkersburg is on the Ohio river and is like 10 minutes away from Marietta, Oh.  Let’s not even get started on all of the events they have going on over there.  It’s tremendous! 

All year round there are musuems and museums of regional history.  There are handmade glass factories and stores, a railroad and railroad museum (I’m a sucker for trains!), parks and art galleries and theatres and museums. 

I’m going to put something else in perspective.  It takes me 7-8 hours to get out of the state of Florida from where I live down here in the far south.  In comparison, from Parkersburg…

It is 2.5 hours from Pittsburgh, PA

It is 3 hours from Cincinnati, OH or Cleveland, OH

It is 4 hours from Lexington, KY

It is 5 hours to Washington, DC or Baltimore, MD

It is 6.5 hours to Philadelphia, PA

It is 7 hours from Nashville, TN or Hampton (Beach), VA or New York, NY

It’s also beautiful and the cost of living is so much more reasonable than it is down here.   For example, here a 3bd/2ba home is going to cost an average of $150,000 but there the same home would cost about $107,000 or less.  If I was willing to paint and replace the carpets myself I could probably find it for about $90,000.  Crazy.  Cute houses too!  Cute houses with an upstairs and a staircase to wrap garland around and a fireplace to hang stockings on at Christmas time. 

I know I probably sound crazy and I probably am.  It’s just in my head a little bit because over the next four months my brother, my sister and my mom are all moving away.  My sister and mom will be in West Virginia / Virginia and it makes me want to move home again too.  It makes me think about when I was a kid and we raised a garden in the backyard and it snowed during the holidays and summers were bright and sunny and cheerful and extra exciting.  A little nostalgia, that’s all.  A little homesickness…that’s all.  I have a good job down here and I’m in school.  My husband is in school.  It would be silly to uproot us right now.  I just miss some stuff about up north that you just can’t get in Florida.


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