I know I shared this last year but since it’s been twelve months and I have tons of new followers I thought I’d share it again.  Plus, I was inspired by something that happened this morning and I wanted another excuse to talk about these mice. 

This morning they announced that December 21st will be our office Christmas cookie party.  Basically, everyone in the office is supposed to bring in a platter of cookies and then we all gorge ourselves all day on cookies and gain about 20 more holiday pounds.  I’m more of a cook than a baker so I kind of hate the holiday baking requirement.  Sometimes I like to bake but I like to bake on MY terms and on MY schedule and for MY family, not for co-workers I’m not 100% fond of anyway.  Regardless, I want to be a good sport so I’ll make some damn cookies.

Here is a list of my requirements for determining exactly what cookies I’m going to make:

  1. Super easy!
  2. Super quick!
  3. Must look pretty dang fancy because if I’m going to do this I want those cookies to look impressive as hell!  Or at least they must be fancier and more impressive than everyone else’s cookies.  I know most people will bring in standard sugar cookies w/ icing or sprinkles (or both!) or chocolate chip cookies or those peanut butter cookies w/ a chocolate kiss squished in the center so it shouldn’t be too hard to make fancier looking cookies.

It was actually really easy to decide what cookies to make.  I’m going to be making these:


They are actually ridiculousy easy.  Ready?  Twist an Oreo apart and put the cream side on the plate and the plain side in your mouth (or wherever you want but I find that my mouth works great!). Dip a cherry in chocolate and sit it on the Oreo cream.  Stick a chocolate kiss on the side of the chocolate cherry (the  chocolate on the cherry will harden and seal the kiss to it but if you don’t believe that then use icing to stick them together).  Stick almond slivers between the kiss and cherry for “ears” and then use gel icing to add eyes and the little holly berry twigs if you want to.  Boom! Easy!  No baking required and don’t they look fancy? 

Everyone will “oooh!” over them and I will feel awesome and in my head I’ll be saying, “Yeah.  They look impressive but guess what?  I didn’t have to mix, stir or blend a thing nor did I turn on my oven.  Whoo!”  (Ok…now the chocolate covered cherry thing there are three ways you can do it.  You can buy chocolate covered cherries and attach the kiss w/ icing, you can buy a super melty creamy chocolate dip and use it or you can melt your own chocolate and cover them that way.  It’s all the same.)

My mom actually found these mice in a Taste of Home magazine a few years ago and since then they have been our default easy and fancy Christmas cookie.


5 thoughts on “Mice!

    • Oh yes, please borrow them. They are cute to nibble on while reading The Night Before Christmas too. It’s the whole “not a creature was stirring…” thing.

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