Legal at Frankie’s

I saw this article on MSN and found myself smiling from ear to ear because the Frank Schnarr has decided to open his Washington bar to pot smokers.  The second floor of his bar, Frankie’s Sports Bar & Grill in Olympia, Washington is a smoking zone to those who wish to pay a $10 membership fee to become “Friends of Frankie’s.”  This area is isolated from the downstairs “smoke-free” bar and grill.  Friends of Frankie’s can smoke cigarettes or marijuana upstairs where they can also play darts, pool or shuffleboard and order from Frankie’s grill menu.  In honor of his new customer base he has also developed a special 420 menu with all items costing…you guessed it!  $4.20. 

Way to be clever Frank Schnarr!

Now, I’m not in favor of this because I am some pot-smoking stoner.  I’m not.  I don’t smoke but I do support economic growth, small businesses and US farmers.  In the MSN article Frank Schnarr says, “I stay up at night” , “I’m about to lose my business. So I’ve got to figure out some way to get people in here.” 

It sounds like he figured it out. 

He now has a whole new customer base and these new customers pay $10 annually to become “Friends of Frankie’s.”  They also now have a new place to frequent where they can hang out with their friends, smoke, play a few games and cure the munchies that will inevitably arise.  Frank gets new customers and the customers get a place they can hang out and relax.  It sounds like a win all around, doesn’t it? 

Maybe Frank can start to sleep a little better at night knowing he has a new revenue stream.  He’s the first bar in Washington to allow pot smokers inside.  There’s still some confusion as to whether or not he’s breaking the law.  Legalization in Washington is new and they don’t have all of the details ironed out but right now it appears that it’s ok. 

Personally, I don’t see the harm.  Those that want to toke up can go upstairs and those that don’t can stay downstairs..or go someplace else. 

I actually like the idea of someone being able to save his business and increase his revenue.  He makes more money, he can employ more people and around and around it goes.  Despite not smoking, I don’t see the harm in marijuana.  I’ve simply known too many amazing and highly successful people who regularly use the drug to believe that it’s totally life-destroying.  I commend Frank Schnarr and I’m happy to see businesses taking advantage of Washington’s legalization. 

Grow economy grow!


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