Zombie Invasion

Zombies have been invading everything for years.  Don’t believe me?  Look:



Look…the list goes on and on and on, ok?  You get the point though, right?  That’s not even complete for those years because I left out a ton of movies.  Seriously.  Zombies have taken over Hollywood since before the Great Depression.  No joke.  They’ve taken over television too.  Look:

  • Dead Set
  • The Walking Dead


There are others but they aren’t the point.  Just for to further my point look at how Zombies have taken over books and literature too.  Look:


Now, that last one is blasphemous to literary lovers.  I’m stopping right there because zombies have gone too far!!

So, why all of this zombie talk?  It’s because today I noticed they have infiltrated my workplace or, at least, the discussions regarding preparations for a zombie apocalypse have infiltrated my workplace. 

Here’s what happened:

We are having new window blinds installed at the office.  The old ones just aren’t doing their job anymore and when their only job is to keep light out you know they are in bad shape when they can’t do their job.  The installation guys showed up today and as they were walking by my desk toward the door that leads them to the area where they would be working Guy #1 asked me, “What is that green button the wall?”   I replied, “Oh.  You have to push that to open the door to that area.”  As they walked away I heard Guy #2 say, “Man, that would be rough if one of those buttons got jammed during the zombie apocalypse.  They would all be trapped in here.”  I turned around as they walked away.  I brushed it off.  Surely I heard wrong, right?


A few hours later as they were walking back by I heard Guy #1 say, “You know dude, I bet those doors are going to be a major hazard when the zombie attack happens.  You know, everybody all frantic and trying to get out the door.  No one being patient for the half-second it takes to hit that button and open the door.”  Guy #2 then replied, “Yeah man but during the zombie attack every second, or half-second, is going to be critical.  They’re just going to have to throw the Otis’ to the zombies and try to escape.”

I smiled to myself because I got The Walking Dead reference.  Otis = expendable person.  Ha! Clever.  Then it hit me, “Wait…did I hear them right?  Those doors ARE  going to be a hazard?  WHEN the zombie attack happens? Going to HAVE TO throw the Otis’ to the zombies?”  Just what exactly are these two guys planning???

I missed them coming back in but I heard them on the way out the second time.  It was another odd conversation.  Guy #1, “Look! Closed-circuit televisions to go with those security cameras.”  Guy #2, “Yeah.  At least they are prepared.  They will definitely see those zombies coming.  Good to know they are ready.”

Ready?  Ready for what?!?  What a weird afternoon.


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