What a Fantastic Morning

All I can think about right now is how I feel like I’m walking on air.  I’m seriously very happy!  It has been an amazing morning!

I received an e-mail this morning from FSU that my application has been formally accepted and welcome to the program!  Hooray!  I know that anyone that has followed this blog for too long knows that I have wanted to be a teacher more than anything in the world and it’s been a dream of mine for years but it has become apparent that no matter how badly I want it that is not the goal that God has in mind for me.  I’ve tried three times to complete the Education program and there is always an insurmountable obstacle.  I finally broke down and said, “Ok.  I’ll do whatever you want me to do.”  Lo and behold I was led to a program in Social Sciences and Public Administration and now I’m about two years away from that new goal.  It opens up a lot of doors for a career in Public Administration (like I’m already doing), Human Services, Social Services, Social Work, Public Advocacy and, some people, have turned it into a career teaching Social Studies.  Essentially, I have options.  I think about my support for Room to Read and I think to myself, “Maybe Social Services and Public Advocacy is where God wants me to be.”  I don’t know but I’ve decided to just walk through the doors He opens and trust Him.  For now, I’m just feeling super excited that the next phase of my educational journey is opening up before me. 

About an hour after that e-mail came in I got an e-mail from WordPress that my latest post on Closed the Cover is going to be Freshly Pressed!  That is amazing news!  It’s especially flattering because just last week my guest post for Andrew Seaward over on Portraits of Addiction was Freshly Pressed.  That is two presses in two weeks!  Yes, I feel pretty happy.  I truly appreciate the nudge toward more viewers and more readers especially considering that it was the literacy blog that is being promoted.  I would have been happy if something here was Freshly Pressed too but this is more just a nonsensical blog whereas the other one has an actual theme and a purpose.  Thank you WordPress for helping to spread the love of books.  You are fantastic!

So all in all I’ve had a pretty great day.  Yesterday was a really great day too.  I feel overwhelmingly happy and incredibly humbled.  I feel like here I am, a 30-year old woman who is just fumbling her way through life.  I’m trying to build a happy and successful marriage and family, trying to work a good job and help take care of the people I love so much, trying to promote worldwide literacy and reading and just overall trying to be positive and happy and upbeat.  I’m just trying and a lot of the time (like with this year’s fundraiser) I feel like I fall so far short and then truly great things like this happen and I find myself thinking, “Wow! What did I do to deserve this?  What a great day!”


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