First (and only) Election Post

I promised myself that I was going to survive the Presidential Campaign‘s without a single political post.  I succeeded and I kept my promise.  Now that the campaign’s and the election are over welcome to my first (and only) post regarding politics and the Presidential election.

Thank you Mr. Jefferson for saying it so simply.  A difference in opinion in politics, in religion, or in philosophy is no reason to end a friendship.  It saddened me all season that all I saw online was hate.  It was on my blog sites, it was on the news sites, it was on television, it was on Twitter, it was on Facebook, it was in person, it was truly everywhere.  It was depressing.  I hate seeing so many friendships fall apart amidst a difference in political opinion.  It’s sad.

I especially had a difficult time watching some of my Facebook friends and family suddenly take a very defiant and firm stance on topics in which they have previously not expressed, nor indicated, any interest.  It was odd to me to see someone who is normally so laid-back and open-minded suddenly take a strong, and unyielding, stance on a topic like gay marriage.  It struck me as odd that I suddenly felt like I didn’t know many of my closest friends and family members.

What I found the most disconcerting was that it became apparent that quite a few people do not actively, to turn a phrase, practice what they preach.  I didn’t talk a lot during the election because I didn’t feel the need to discuss my opinions; not to mention, my mother raised me that politics and religion are not appropriate general conversation.  I like to believe that the way I live my life speaks for itself and that my stance on issues is apparent to anyone that knows me.  I shouldn’t have to shout loudly and angrily at my friends and family in order for them to know what kind of person I am.  It is also not my place to shout at, scream at, insult or berate someone else in an attempt to bully them into agreeing with my opinions.  The candidates campaign and debate so that we, the American people, can form our own decisions. 

Let your lives, not your raised and angry voices, speak for your values and morals. 

The 2012 election is now over and our country has elected a new President.  It’s time to unite and move forward.


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