Porto Fira

There is a hotel in Santorini, Greece that I absolutely must visit.  It’s called the Porto Fira Hotel and it is incredible!  It’s absolutely gorgeous.  It’s a dream and the view of the Aegean Sea, well, it looks like an artistic masterpiece.  Sometimes, when I’m feeling especially wistful, I will browse their website and dream about the trip that my husband and I are, one day, going to take there.   It’s amazing!  Absolutely amazing.

I looked around today at the cost of reservations.  If I chose to visit either the month before or the month after “peak season” I could book a mid-level suite there for an entire week for $1500.  No kidding.  $1500 for one entire week.  That’s fantastic!  The crappy part?  The airfare is $1200 per person.  Isn’t that absurd?!  Seriously.  The cost of getting there is nearly the cost of staying for a week.  That’s ridiculous.


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