Ahh! I checked my admissions status online for the new University I was hoping to transfer to and, still, there’s no update.  It’s frustrating and annoying but it is a waiting game with University admittance.  I know this.  I’ve played this game before. 

I went over the process:

  • Submit application?  Check!
  • Send previous college transcripts?  Check!
  • Send high school transcripts?  Check!
  • File in-state residency papers?  Check!
  • Pay application fee?  Check!


I went over the requirements:

  • Complete two years of a foreign language?  Check!
  • Obtain an A.A. from a previous college or have at least 60 transferrable credit hours?  Check!
  • Have a minimum 3.0 on all previously attempted college coursework?  Eek!  Nope.  :-/


Damn.  What does that mean?  Does that mean I’m not going to be admitted?  Will they review my transcripts and realize that all of my bad grades were a long time ago, back when I was a stupid and troubled kid?  Will they take that into consideration?  Will they ask that I file an explanation or appeal a negative decision?  Damn!  What to do?  What if this goes bad?  I need a plan “B”  and maybe a “C.”

I looked online at the distance learning programs for other in-state colleges and universities.  They didn’t have anything that matched my goals.  Apparently, it’s also easier to earn a graduate degree online than it is to earn an undergraduate degree online.  Dirty, rotten, bastards.  Oh well.  Plan “B” = total bust.  :-/

Plan “C” – go back to my current  college and apply for admission to the Business program again.  I was accepted before but chose to pursue Education instead.  Well, since those rotten-egg eating succubus’ don’t offer any Education courses during a time in which I can actually attend them (eg: at night or online) I re-applied to the Business program.  I know they offer those courses online and at night. 

I shall do what it is that I must do.  I swear, I really don’t feel, in my heart of hearts, that God wants me to be a corporate slave my entire life but it does seem pretty apparent that He wants me to get my degree in Business.   Here’s what it comes down to – Plan “A” is be accepted to the University I want to go to and get my degree in Social Sciences.  Plan “B” was a bust.  Plan “C” is to be accepted back into my current school’s Business program. 

“A” or “C” that’s what it come down to.  I’ll throw a quick little message up to God to let Him know that I do indeed have a preference but I’ll go where He tells me to go, not complain about it, and see how this whole thing unfolds.  Life…it does indeed get curiouser and curiouser…


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