I have this new project assignment at work and, although I really want it to work out, has been driving me straight batty! 


Oh…just an annoying little thing like not wanting to print.



All I want is for my database to automatically generate, and print, a letter.  Printing is the important part because if it doesn’t print then the person I’m trying to send it to will never get it and will never know I tried to reach out to them and communicate.   It would be such a shame.

Here is what I want to happen:

I tell the computer, “Print letter BFC for account 15773-18843” and then it takes all the information that is in the account and pulls it into these neat little generator module in the database.   It adds the information to the little data fields I built into it and … voila … beautiful letter I didn’t have to manually type!  Hooray!!! 

Only…that Hooray!!! is short-lived.  It’s short-lived because I can’t get that damn letter out of the database system!

I bet you’re sitting there being all smart-ass about it too.  Probably thinking something like, “Ummm…FILE…PRINT…done, see?  easy.”   Only no, it’s not that easy.  There’s no FILE…PRINT optio, nor is there a print icon.  You see, there is a report and it’s called USJLTRD and the only way to print a letter is to run that process and then it will automatically (supposedly) print the letter.  I can’t even preview my letter to see if my data fields are working (although, come on, I’m awesome and I know they are) until it prints and I see it in hardcopy.  It’s annoying and frustrating and driving me batty!  Abso-friggi-lutely batty.  Someone said, “Call I.T.” but yeahhhhhh…NO.  I’m not calling IT because my letter won’t print.  I’m not going to be that person.  I know what they will say, “Is your printer on?”  Yes.  It’s on.  I checked that already.  Dang it!  Two hours already this morning…and nothing. 


I would ask for advice but I know that not a one of you has any idea what I’m talking about or how to fix it.  I’m on my own… 

*Deep Breath*


Operation: Print Letter … begins again …


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