I Just Did a Horrible Thing

I really can’t believe it.  It is truly horrible.  I mean, it is “my father will probably disown me, my mother will never speak to me again, my brother and sister will shun me, friends of family will deny they ever knew me, I’ll be considered an outcast by everyone I’ve ever known” kind of horrible. 

I can’t say I’m ashamed though.

I can’t say I regret it.

I will say that, no matter the fallout, it was the right thing to do.


What was it?

What did I do?


*deep breath*


applied to Florida State University.  I know.  I can hear it…the collective gasp.  Oh my God! You did WHAT?!?!?!!  I had to though; I have to get my education.  They provided the best opportunity for me to meet my career goals. 

To Florida Gator fans everywhere…please understand.  My education has to come first.  If UF offered my program through a distance learning opportunity I would have been first in line to sign up but they don’t.  I had to do what I had to do.  I’ll always be a Gator fan though.  There’s no stripping that away from me.  I have a lot of memories at The Swamp.  My first college football game was at The Swamp.  My Dad took me.  I was about 12.  We used to camp in the parking lots down the road from UF for two or three days for the games.  We would tailgate and party with the other fans.  I was a kid  but damn it was fun!  I bet a bunch of other fans.  We reveled in the rivalry with FSU.  There were taunts and banners made and arguments started.  I loved that joke…”What do you call a Seminole in Gainesville?  Gator Bait!”  Hahahahaa!  I saw Chris Rock perform stand-up at The Swamp during Homecoming week one year.  I attended the National Championship celebration in the Swamp after Steve Spurrier and Danny Wuerffel led them to a National Championship.  I would sit with the crowd and chant “Two Bits…Four Bits…Six Bits…A Dollar! All for the Gators…Stand Up and Holler!” and I’d stand and scream at the top of my little lungs.   I have the collector’s items, the t-shirts, the hats.   I’ve been a fan for damn near two decades.  I’ll always be a fan.  I’ll always be a Gator…I just have to get my degree through FSU.  It’s an educational thing, not a sports thing.  They are different.   I promise.   Please understand.

If I can…if they offer it…maybe I can make it to UF for Graduate School.

Oh…and the thing about my family and friends?   I was exaggerating.  They love me and love trumps sports.   🙂


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