A Little Bit of This…A Little Bit of That…

I couldn’t decide on a title because I couldn’t decide on a topic.  There are just too many things to share.  Instead of writing a bunch of little posts I’m just going to shove it all together into this one.  It just makes it easier for me.

1.)  I’m a bit annoyed and I’m not sure if I should be more annoyed with my employer or our health insurance company.  I’m leaning toward health insurance company but I don’t know really.  Until I sort that out I’m just going to be annoyed at them both.  You see, today is October 1st (BTW…Happy October!) and so our new health insurance package took effect today which is the beginning of our fiscal year.  There are never any major changes so I rarely pay too close of attention to it.  I skim over the new details and move on.  There were a few minor changes, nothing that affects my family, but then there was one big change that caught my eye.  Our health insurance no longer pays 100% of birth control prescription cost.  It is now subjected to the same fees as a regular prescription.  That didn’t really bother me because I expect to pay some sort of co-pay for my prescriptions.  I was ok with that.  What I wasn’t ok with was part two of that change…our health insurance now pays 100% of the cost for an abortion.  WTH?!  They stop paying for preventative prescriptions but they will pay to terminate a pregnancy?!?!  I admit it; it pisses me off.  I’m not going to argue pro-choice or pro-life, that’s not my point.  My point is why is an insurance company willing to pay the cost for a procedure to terminate a pregnancy but not willing to pay the cost to prevent a pregnancy?  I take issue with it and I’m irritated.  If someone wants an abortion, and is legally able to get one, they should have to pay for it.  Oh, you don’t want to pay for it?  Then be more responsible with your body and your actions.  Personal accountability…it’s an amazing thing.

2.) I’ve gained quite a bit of weight and I don’t like it.  Now, yes my clothes still fit me (for the most part) and I’m not “obese” and, according to my doctor, I’m not facing any serious health risks but I am “overweight” and my bad cholesterol is a little high which increases my risk of heart disease.  Eek!!!  I freak out a little bit at the mention of heart disease.  My grandmother died of heart disease and she was a twig.  I don’t want heart problems.  I like my heart.  Actually, I love my heart.  It’s always done right by me and kept on ticking so I’d like to do right by it in return.  I contacted my dietician through my employer’s employee health program and …

(Wait…Side Note – My employer takes pretty good care of us overall.  We have a good insurance package and other benefits.  We have access to health coaches, dieticians, nutritionists, trainers and can get pretty much any fitness equipment we need (within reason) for free upon request.   Meeting with any of the coaches or trainers is free as well.  In #1 I’m not complaing about our packages or benefits, I just have a moral issue with one item.  I am grateful.  I promise.)

ok…so I contacted my dietician through my employer’s employee health program and she gave me some tips to lose weight and get heart healthy.  She wanted me to try to lose one pound a week.  Ok.  Well, I weighed myself this morning and ta-da I lost a pound last week!  I don’t believe it though.  I think it was just PMS bloating and water retention (sorry…TMI I know…it’s true though).

3.) I was told to start eating breakfast. That should be easy, right?  Yeah…not so easy!  You see, if you’re like me and you don’t eat breakfast for 20 years and then suddenly start eating breakfast, your body doesn’t like it so much.  It gets irritated.  My normal habit before was lunch at 11:30am and dinner at 6:30pm.  At least, that was my habit Monday – Friday.  One the weekend it was a free for all and sometimes I wasn’t even awake by 11:30am.  I was told to eat breakfast within one hour of waking up.  Ha! Ha! Ha! Riiiiiigghhhhhht, like that was going to happen!  I told my husband, I thought he would find it funny too, no such luck.  He jumped right on the, “You need to eat breakfast” bandwagon.  It’s ok though, he loves me and wants me to be healthy.  I know this, I’m just not used to eating breakfast.  I tried it this morning.  I woke up at 6:15a, took a shower, and at 6:40am drank a cup of coffee and ate two pieces of toast with butter and jam.  I know…I know…coffee isn’t good for me and toast w/ jam isn’t exactly a heart-healthy breakfast but baby steps here, ok?  Ten minutes later my stomache was aching and cramping. It’s like my body was thinking,” What the hell is going on??? What is this?!?!  Foreign invaders! Foreign invaders! ATTACK!!!”  It was ridiculous.  What can I expect though?  I don’t eat breakfast for 20 years, it’s going to be an adjustment.  They eventually made peace with each other.  The new problem came at 9:30am when all of a sudden my body started saying, “Heyyyyy! We like this eating thing!  That breakfast battle really wore us out and got that metabolism moving.  Yeah, that’s right.  We’re wide awake and the energy is kicking!  That’s niiiiice!  Can we get some more?  Hey! Are you listening up there?!  Don’t ignore us!  Oh…we can play your game!” and then the stomach rumbling and growling started.  What can I do though?  I don’t have any options until lunch.  They are just going to have to wait.



2 thoughts on “A Little Bit of This…A Little Bit of That…

  1. I must say i feel for you on the breakfast front. I am a morning person and when I am awake, I am awake. I am not interested in hanging around the house with toast in my hand, blowing my coffee. I want to get on with the day. By lunch time, i could munch my way through a scabby skunk, but i almost never think about breakfast. When I don’t have work to go to, I love it when I am with my partner, and can savour toast and Marmalade. If I don’t have to rush, I enjoy the relaxation of easing into the day, and for some reason marmalade spells complete luxury to me. But if i am by myself, as I am this weekend, I will not even think of breakfast until it is legally lunch time.

    The only problem is (apart from high blood pressure etc.) that I am probably three or four times as effective in the morning as I am in the afternoon. After lunch, I just waddle around the office like a beached whale!

    • “Waddle around the office like a beached whale!” LOL. I do that regularly, hence the weight gain. :,( I’m trying to work on breakfast I just don’t like it. I don’t like eating and feeling heavy as soon as I wake up, I hate having to stop what I’m doing once I wake up to sit and eat. Places to go…people to see…blogs to write, you know?

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