Wild Impatience

Today is the day my wedding ring arrived!  It’s here! It’s here! It’s finally, finally here!  Now, there it sits.  Inside a white envelope labeled “FedEx Express” sitting next to my keyboard, all wrapped up, sealed, and glaring at me.  It’s begging to be opened.  I can hear it.  It’s screaming, “Open me! Open me! Open me!” but I can’t.  Not yet.  I promised my husband that I would wait until I got home so I could open it and he could see it before I wore it and showed everyone else.  The temptation to tear it open and try it on is killing me.  I want to put it on my finger right now…but I can’t.

I’ve been waiting and waiting for this day.  Today, when I knew it was being delivered, I opened up the FedEx tracking site and tracked it.  I knew it would be delivered by 4:30pm.  I’ve been checking, obsessively, all day long to see if it was here yet.  I knew our security guard here at work would sign for it which meant it would sit at his desk until he made rounds, which could be hours after it was delivered.  Finally…I saw that magical word.  DELIVERED. It was written in bright green at the top of the FedEx tracking page.  I ran to the front desk and grabbed the package.  I tore open the box and…then…STOPPED.  I didn’t open the envelope.  I haven’t opened the little black box…or red box…or silver box…whatever color it happens to be.  I haven’t seen the ring.  It hasn’t touched my finger.  It’s killing me.

The anticipation…the excitement…it keeps building and building and building.  I’m getting so impatient!  So wildly and crazily impatient.  One hour and 43 minutes.  That’s how much longer until I see my husband and I can finally open that little box. 

One hour and 42 minutes…

One hour and 41 minutes…

One hour and 40 minutes…

One hour and…


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