The Hair Phenomenon

Had I known this was going to turn into a blog post I would have taken pictures.  I’m very sorry.  I’m just going to hope that you all have imagination and therefore can just make up your own pictures to tag along.   Read on…

The other day I was out shopping with my husband.  In the middle of the shopping day…WHAM! I suddenly decided I needed a haircut.  ASAP.  Now, to be honest, I needed a haircut months ago and I just kept putting it off.  The ends were fried.  It was bad.  The ends were split, not just at the end, but at least two inches up the strand itself.  I found myself tying my hair up all of the time to hide the damage but that was just making it worse.  At that A-HA moment there was no more delaying.  I was going to have my hair cut and there were no if’s and’s or but’s about it.  I found a salon to cut my hair and my husband went to the sports store to go shopping.

Now…my hair was long.  It was over half-way down my back long.  When the the lady asked me, “So, what are we doing?”  My reply was, “Cutting off all of the damage.  I don’t care if it’s 4 or 5 or 6 inches.  The damage has to go!”  She looked at my hair…she considered…she replied, “It’s going to be at least 3 or 3.5 inches.  At least this much…” then she held up the ends of my hair and showed me.  It was a lot.  I was determined however to have my hair look healthy again so I told her, “Just do it.”  I felt like a Nike commercial.

She cut.  I didn’t even want to look.  All that kept running through my head was, “My husband is going to hate this.  He loves my hair long and here I am lopping off INCHES of it.  It’s all over the floor.  Eek!”

When it was done I was shocked at how much 3.5 inches really is.  My hair went from being over half-way down my back to being just an inch or so below my shoulders.  WTH?!?  It had to be done though, right?  The fried, split, heavily damaged ends had to be lopped off.  I had no choice.  I cringed.  It was cute.  I liked it.  It felt lighter and bouncier and healthier.  I felt prettier.  I loved it. 

I kept thinking…”What’s my husband going to say?”  I knew what he would say.  He would say, “It looks great!  I love you baby.  I’m glad you love it.”  but I kept wondering, “What’s he really going to think?”  I met up with him outside the sports store and he told me my hair looked great and asked me if I liked it.  I told him, “Yes. It’s a bit shorter than I expected but I like it.”

Then…he said…

“You’re probably not going to like me saying this…but…to be honest…I can barely even notice she cut it.”


Barely notice?

LOL.  🙂   3.5 inches gets cut off of my hair and he can barely notice.  Here I am stressing about all of the things my not-so-long-but-still-medium-length hair can and cannot do and he barely notices.  I just smiled.  It was a cute moment.

I thought to myself, “Well, when I go back to work I am sure they will all notice” but you know what, no one did.  Not one person.  It was cut, and dyed, and not one person noticed.   I had a few comments on my earrings…and my shoes…but not one on my hair. 

Is 3.5 inches really not that much?  What the hell is going on?  Why am I so confused?  Am I the only one hair-obsessed?  Someone around me cuts off one-inch and I notice.  Someone around me dyes their hair even one shade lighter or darker and I notice. 3.5 inches and three shades darker and…no one…

How odd.


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