Oh Pandora!

I don’t really like Pandora for music but I use it when I’m at work.  I get a bit annoyed with the ads and the limited skips and how I can’t pick what song I want to hear and I refuse to pay for it when there are so many other options for free music (like I could just bring my little earbuds, plug in my phone, and listen that way).  Regardless, like I said, I use it at work.

Now, I know that I could and most people probably do build multiple stations around various artists and genres so that they can simply pick the one that suits their mood of the day. I don’t roll like that. Here’s what I did.  No joke.

Station #1 – Bob Seger

Don’t joke. Bob Seger is AWESOME! I’m not kidding. I love him. Bob Seger and the Silver Bullet Band = doubly awesome! Great music.  Then…

Station #1 – Add Variety – Bruno Mars

Once again, not kidding.  Bob Seger + Bruno Mars = what???  I know.  I don’t honestly love Bruno Mars with his stupid hair but I do like music along the lines of Bruno Mars and it’s SFW so I don’t have to worry.  Had I, oh I don’t know, added variety like Eminem I might have had something come through rotation that wasn’t exactly work appropriate.  Then…

Station #1 – Add Variety – Shinedown

Yeah, that’s right.  Bog Seger + Bruno Mars + Shinedown = amazing personalized music station.  I’m quite happy.  So what have I listened to today?  Here’s a small preview…

Bob Seger – Turn The Page

Katy Perry – Part of Me (I’m not sure where she came from. What variety is she similar to???)

Bruno Mars – Runaway Baby

Seether – Truth

Nelly – Just a Dream

Adele – Set Fire to the Rain

Eminem – Love the Way You Lie (So much for work-friendly huh? Lol. Oh well, that’s what the pause button is for.)


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