Hee! Hee! I Googled Myself

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Have you ever done that?  Googled yourself?  I have, quite a few times in fact.  I’m always surprised by the lack of results for myself.  I mean, ME, myself, not my name.  When I Google my name (my real name) all sorts of results come up but they aren’t actually me.  They are results for other people with my name.  It’s a bit annoying to be honest with you.  There are so many of them!

There is:

  • A graduate student at the Georgia State University who is pursuing her Master’s degree in Teaching Math and Science. 
  • A girl on Twitter who is obviously a big basketball fan.  Her background is tiled pictures of a basketball team.  I’m not sure which team but I do know the uniforms are white and blue.
  • A woman from Texas.  Sorry…her page is private so that’s all I can tell.  She has short hair and is wearing a really pretty black dress in her Facebook profile picture.  I considered messaging her and saying, “Hello Name Doppleganger! Cute dress!” but thought that might be creepy so I didn’t.
  • A Gospel/Blues singer from Austin, Texas.  No, not the same Texas girl that I mentioned above who is wearing that pretty black dress.
  • A woman who describes herself as a New York Giants fan and future Christian missionary.
  • A Real Estate Agent from Alabama
  • A Lawyer from Texas


Really…what’s with all of the Texas women having my name?!  Note to self: Do NOT move to Texas.  There are enough of you there already.

(By the way…there are more people I just chose to stop there because I think that’s enough for you to see my point.)

It all got me to thinking last night and you see, most professionals these days have their own website especially if you are in a profession that requires frequent communication.  One of these professions is the one that I am currently pursuing in college.  I know that parents like when teacher’s have a website so that they can check in on what’s going on in class, check homework, view class bulletins, etc and I fully intend to have one when I have my own classroom of students.  All of this Googling of myself got me worried though…what happens if someone steals Mrs(MyLastName).com before I have a chance to get it? Oh No!!!  I’d have to do something ridiculous like try to get Mrs(MyLastName)Class.com but what if there is another one of me out there that is a teacher?  What about that Georgia State University woman who is earning her Master’s Degree in TEACHING! She might steal it!!! 

I had to act quick!

So I did.

I registered Mrs(MyLastName) on Weebly.com.  It’s free so I figured why not?  I don’t have the website up and I don’t have it published so there’s nothing there even if you did try to find me and yes, for now the URL is Mrs(MyLastName).Weebly.com but I can drop the Weebly later if I wanted to pay for it.  At least for now I can rest assured that at the very least I’ll own that site.

Not to mention one of my assignments later this year is to build a teacher’s website.  I was going to have to do it sooner or later.


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