Feng Shui Lilee

Feng Shui Lilee = the way things have to be set up in order for yours truly to feel comfortable.  Since it’s my blog and I’m the only one writing…allow me to explain…

At my job my manager loves this obnoxious little thing called “cross-training” which, to a regular person, means that  I get to pack up every detail of my desk every year or so and relocate to a new desk to learn a new job.  It’s kind of annoying but it’s ok since I usually am fortunate enough to be assigned to a job I like better than the one I was previously working.  That being said…I transferred desks again last Monday.  I spent the first week at my new desk trying, and I do mean trying to work at the desk the way it was layed out.  One printer which is on the desk pushed all the way into the corner far out of reach which is normally fine except I print alot of letters and I have to push the obnoxious little “ok” button on the printer every time I want to print an envelope.  My shoulder was feeling the strain.  We work with double monitors because our computer systems are so non-user-friendly that we are constantly flipping between systems.  This desk had the monitors smushed in the corner.  Ever try to fit two monitors in the corner?  It doesn’t work out well.  It ends  up being really uncomfortable and miserable.  The whole day is spent constantly adjusting them to try to make them work but they are always at weird angles, they never compliment each other and I have this constant feeling of being punished and told to go sit in the corner!  My back hurts from being twisted all weird and it throws off my whole day.  My productivity goes down, my annoyance goes up and my whole work experience is out of whack!

Enter…Feng Shui Lilee! 

Today I couldn’t take it anymore.  When I got to work my annoyance over stupid traffic was already high (although in traffic’s defense I’ve heard it was a 6-car accident.  The first car hit a pedestrian on the interstate and each subsequent car ran him over as well.  It was described as a “gruesome horrific scene.”  I’m glad my exit was before the scene.) and I couldn’t take the stupid monitors in the corner nonsense anymore! Enough was simply enough!  I went to our morning meeting and spent the entire time plotting my Feng Shui renovation. 

When I got back to my desk workplace instruments were relocated.  They are all now happy in their new homes and honestly, even if they aren’t, I am happy with them in their new homes so they can all just quit their bitching and shut the hell up! 🙂

My printer is now within reach so I can press the little “ok” button easily.  My computer monitors now sit straight and comfortably side  by side meaning I’m no longer twisted up all weird.  My inbox is now shoved in the corner and yes, perhaps it is a bit difficult for people to reach but that’s all the better for me.  The harder it is to put stuff in maybe the harder it is to reach the less likely people will be to put stuff in it.  That’s not likely, I know, but a girl can dream can’t she?


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