I’m a 10!

Ok, so it’s more like an 8.  Ok, ok, ok it’s more like a 6 but still from a 1 – 10 on the annoyance scale I’m definitely above a 5 which means I’m leaning more toward “highly annoyed” than “less annoyed” and it’s frustrating.

Allow me to explain…

Before I moved to Alabama in 2010 I had worked for my employer for nearly five years.  I was (and still am) awesome at my job. 

I worked one part of my job for nearly two years.  I was competent, the position was successful, I saved our office a lot of money, and our legal department loved me because I made their job easier and made them look good.  Everyone was happy.  Then I fell in love with my now-husband and I moved.  A new person took over and decided she wanted to put her stamp on my old position.  She wanted to make it “hers” so she changed the way I was doing things.  She said the policies I had written “were not legal” and so she changed them.  She changed my polices.  She changed my procedures.  Consequently, my company was sued twice in the year I was away for “illegal practices” and the judge told our legal department if he had to see us in front of him again we “wouldn’t like him very much.”  Ugh.  Now I’m back and today our legal department became aware of my returned presence.  They called a surprise meeting just before lunch so guess what I did today?  I spent nearly two hours in my manager’s office with a team of attorney’s who were trying to figure out what was changed, how to fix what had changed and how to do damage control on what had happened.  It was nauseating.  I wanted to scream, “Just STOP changing things I’ve done.  If I’ve said to do it a certain way then do it that way and leave it alone.”  I didn’t scream it although deep inside I sure wanted to. 

The second part of my job…I did that for nearly four years.  It worked perfectly.  It was a complicated system but it had to be in order to be correct.  My manager wanted the entire process completed monthly.  I was able to do it, every month, without a problem.  I would pull the report on the 1st or 2nd of the month and be finished by the 25th or 26th.  Sure, it took the whole month but it was completed and correct every month.  I did not miss a single month in four years.  That is correct…48 months…48 reports…all correct.  It never would have been a problem if it hadn’t been changed…but of course…it was changed.  The same person as above took over and decided she could make the process “more efficient.”  The entire report has been completed a total of 3 times in the last 24 months (yes, 24 months.  I have been back to work here for a while but I haven’t touched that report…yet).   Anyway, it has become such an epic disaster that I have been instructed to reassume those duties and return it to a task that is being completed timely.  I e-mailed my manager with a question today and her response was as follows:

“I am chuckling as I write this.  XXXX could probably answer these questions better than me; but I am certain you have a mess to clean up.”

That doesn’t make me feel very good about it.  I went into her office and she said to me, “I don’t care how you do it. I don’t care what you have to change, who you have to call, what you have to create or modify or build, just find a way to get it done like you used to.  I want it done at the end of every month.”  Oh…hooray.

I actually like the job responsibilities I have and I love working this report.  My annoyance level isn’t above a 5 because of the work I have to do my annoyance level is high because it wouldn’t really be “work” if people would stop trying to change things.  Just leave well enough alone!


2 thoughts on “I’m a 10!

  1. I’m laughing because the content of this post does not suprise me, and I can kind of figure out most of the parties involved. Hang tough, sister, they are lucky to have you!

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