Oh…One More Thing

Why do they make it so hard for teachers to transfer their teaching certificate between states?  It is truly ridiculous.   I found a chart online and I thought about including it here for you all to see but it is so incredibly confusing that I know it would give each and every one of you a splitting headache and I like you all too much to cause you pain so I decided against sharing it.  Trust me, however, when I tell you that it is astounding how complex of a process it is to transfer a teaching license.  I do not understand it.  Why not simply award a National Teaching Certificate and allow us to teach wherever it is that we decide we would like to live and teach?  Why make it different state by state?

It is alarming because some states do not accept out-of-state certificates at all.  I do not understand that one bit.  Do they only want homegrown teachers?  What is a teacher to do if they wanted to move their family there?  Are they supposed to change professions?  Other states, the majority of states, require this:

  1. Prove that you have an existing valid teaching license and that you have at least three years of teaching experience in your original state. 
  2. You must submit your original college transcripts for review and must meet all of the requirements for the new state.
  3. You must take and complete the new state’s exam (and pay their fees) within one year of relocation.  You may be placed on a one-year probationary status.


My Translation – You have to have your certificate and you had better have at least three years classroom experience or you are barking up the wrong tree and wasting your time.  You must also hope that the college you went to made you take the same classes as our college here or you are going to have to re-take the classes that we say you’re missing.  It doesn’t matter that you have a 4.0 average, were President of the Honor Society, and come highly recommended by all of your professors and the Dean of Students, we say you need one more Ancient Roman Humanities course OR ELSE!!! Not to mention, you have to take all of those really stressful exams again because you because your home state says you passed doesn’t mean you passed.   Just because you might be smart enough for Florida doesn’t mean you’re smart enough for Oklahoma!  Oh, and don’t forget about those fees.  We have to make our money off of you too. 

I’d rather prove I earned my original certificate, pay the new registration fees and be able to transfer my license.

The lesson here – make sure you earn your teaching certificate where you intend to teach…at least for the first three years. 


3 thoughts on “Oh…One More Thing

  1. There used to actually be a National Teaching exam people took if they wanted to be hired by the better/higher paying school districts. They stopped giving it because too many teachers in certain states kept failing it.
    The state exams are a money maker?
    Why don’t they just use the Grad. Entrance exam like they used to…oh, yeah, they stopped that because they found out too many people couldn’t pass that one either – and they needed teachers really bad….(so they just got some really bad teachers?)
    It’s a mess.
    Anyway, Good luck!

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