A really good friend of my family’s and a really great guy was murdered this past weekend.   He was shot in the back and in the back of the head by his wife’s new boyfriend.  It sounds scandalous and as I’m sure you can imagine people (*ahem* gossip hounds) are all ablaze over it.  It seems to be all people at work can talk about and, as someone who knew the victim for nearly 20 years,  it is seriously pissing me off.  I wish that people wouldn’t spread rumor as fact and I wish that people would simply shut the hell up!

Here we go…a little list of rumor versus fact for you.

RUMOR – He had filed for divorce because she was having an affair.

FACTAs of today, August 10, 2012, the local investigating Sheriff’s office can find no official record of any divorce filing or request for legal separation.


RUMORShe was cheating on him and having an affair behind his back.

FACT– She had a new boyfriend.  Her new boyfriend is the one who shot and killed our family friend.  He had a new girlfriend.  He was at his new girlfriend’s house when he was shot and killed.


RUMOR – He was stalking her.

FACT– They were still living together in the marital home.  She had installed a tracking device on his truck.  Her vehicle was clean.


RUMOR– She set him up and orchestrated his murder.

FACT – Due to the tracking device she had on his truck she knew he was at his new girlfriend’s house for the weekend.  She asked her new boyfriend to go over there and get some of her items which were in that truck.


RUMORThe victim was aggressive and angry toward the shooter.  He initiated an assault which resulted in his death.

FACT– He went outside to investigate a noise and saw the shooter breaking into his truck.  He confronted him.  The shooter demanded his wallet and cell phone.  The victim refused.  The shooter pulled a 9mm and the victim turned to run back up the stairs.  The shooter fired four shots and the victim was shot once in the back and once in the back of the head.

That is it.  That is all we know and anything beyond that is rumor and speculation.  I strongly dislike anyone discussing speculation and rumor and theory as fact.  I’m highly annoyed.


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