420 / 90

A few days ago my husband and I went to the DMV to register our (still) out of state vehicles to Florida since we are now living here.  I nearly died…of a heart attack that is…especially when the woman told us (at the very, very, very end of a 1.5 hour registration process) that it would be $420…per vehicle!

Was she serious?  She couldn’t be.  My husband and I both were in shock.  $420 per vehicle? Did we hear that right? Did she mean $4.20 per vehicle?  Or $40.20 per vehicle?  What about the (still high I thought) possible $140.20 per vehicle?  My husband replied, “Four hundred and twenty dollars?” 

She replied, “Yes.  Oh, but miss…you had a vehicle registered in the state previously which means I can credit you $225.”

Oh…well doesn’t that make us a pair of lucky ducks?  From $840 to $615 for two vehicles.

It was absurd. I wanted to smack her smug (but polite) face.  My husband told her to void the transaction, we would keep our out of state plates and our out of state ID’s.  We aren’t intending to make this relocation permanent anyway.  We left.  Then I thought, perhaps we over-reacted.  Is that normal for vehicle registration?  I have the tendency to drive a vehicle until the engine blows up, the tires fall off and it leaves me stranded on the side of the highway sot it’s been a while since I have had the need to register a car.  I decided to do a little research…

First, I asked my husband.  When you bought your SUV in Alabama and registered it at the DMV…do you remember how much that cost you?  His reply was, “Less than $100.”  (Score #1 for Florida being too ridiculously expensive on DMV vehicle registration.)

Then I decided to look up registration fees for my home state of West Virginia (which yes…I know…is an extremely cheap place to live anyway) and I found the average cost for out of state new vehicle registration is $46.  Yep.  $46.  Not $460 but a normal $46.  (Score #2 for Florida being too ridiculously expensive on DMV vehicle registration.)

Then I decided to look up Nashville, TN, after all, Nashville is one of the cities we have discussed possibly moving to and if we were considering it I should know about their rates and fees, right?  Right.  So I looked and I found…

***drumroll please***

A whooping $90.  Unbelievable.  Score #3 for Florida being too ridiculously expensive on DMV vehicle registration.

I consider my research complete.  I’d rather live in Nashville where everything except alcohol (which we don’t drink) is more reasonably priced.  $420 to register a car….what the hell?


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