Little Orange Light

Is there anything in the world that will set in immediate panic faster than this little orange light?

Truly, I’m sure there is, but at 7:30am today there was not.  That was the most horrifying sight in the world.  I saw it, immediately shut off my car, and ran back upstairs to my husband.  The tears were imminent.  I could feel them.  What do I do???  He saved me.  He checked the oil.  It was low.  He checked the coolant.  It was fine.  He checked the gas cap.  He took it off then he put it back on and secured it.  We went and bought oil.  The light was still on.  Damn it! 

I called our mechanic who said he could look at it this afternoon.  I found another ride to work and my husband took the car to the mechanic to have the diagnostic run.

The verdict?

Loose gas cap.  Plus, awesomely nice mechanic charged $0 for the diagnostic.  My nerves = settled.

Hooray for nice mechanics!  Double Hooray for awesome husbands who take the car to the nice mechanic and leave panic-stricken wife out of car trouble conversations.  Yayyy!  Now…to buy a new gas cap.


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