My Ring

My husband and I were engaged May of 2011 and married two days later.  We were madly in love (still are!) and just couldn’t wait. Once he asked that was it. I wanted to make that man my husband A.S.A.P. I would have married him that day if he had asked me early enough.  🙂  I actually thought we would get married on Friday and then take the whole weekend to celebrate but when I looked at the calendar and realized that Friday was the 13th…well…we moved it up to Thursday the 12th.  🙂 

I didn’t really care about the ceremony or the dress or the ring I just wanted to make that man my husband.  I wanted to make our marriage official and I wanted to be a legal family and have our two separate lives become “our life” and I didn’t want to wait until I could plan any big formalities. I did pick out a ring and intended to order it but when I got around to it the following weekend the ring had been discontinued and was no longer available.  I was bummed but I had married the most amazing love of my life and I was floating on cloud 9! My husband told me to pick out the ring I wanted and we would buy it when I found it. Well, I’ve been searching since that day and haven’t found any that was really “me.”  I’ve seen some gorgeous rings but I haven’t been able to find any that I really felt I would be able to wear every single day for the rest of my life. I had some specific criteria of what I required in an eternal wedding ring and I wasn’t going to settle for less than what it really was that I wanted.

Here is a little of what I wanted:

  1. I wanted a white gold ring. I’ve worn white gold my entire life and it’s an essential fashion part of who I am.  Yellow gold does not look right on me (unless I’m wearing brown) and I always feel a little odd when I’m wearing it. There’s something about white gold that makes me feel prettier and happier.
  2. I wanted ONE ring.  I know that a lot of women wear two rings because they wear both an engagement ring and a wedding ring but that is not what I wanted. I wanted one ring and I wanted one ring for a few different reasons. First, I’m short and my hands are small and trying to cram two rings on a short finger really doesn’t look right.  I’ve tried two rings before and I don’t like the way it looks on my hand. I also don’t like the way it feels. I had someone say to me, “You could have them molded together” and sure, I could, but then it’s like I’m only wearing one ring, right? I’d rather just have the one. I don’t really care about a symbol of our engagement (it was only two days after all) I only care about a symbol of what is truly the most important and that is our marriage.
  3. I wanted a ring that would lay flat on my finger.  I have the tendency to hit my rings on things all the time which I knew would ultimately result in me damaging the ring or losing the stone, neither of which are things I wanted to do.  I also tend to wear a lot of things that snag easily and I didn’t need a ring setting on my hand every day that was sure to snag my clothes.  I have a few rings already that are guaranteed to snag something and I wear them only on days when I’m wearing non-snaggable clothes.  I don’t want to have to eliminate over half of my wardrobe just because I’m afraid of snagging it on my wedding ring. I don’t like high settings in jewelry.
  4. I wanted something that was timeless, classic and effortless.  I wanted something that looked beautiful now and would still look beautiful in 50 years. I didn’t want something that was trendy and that would look outdated in 10 years. I also wanted something that would look great if I was dressed for a black-tie affair, a picnic or a baseball game. I wanted something that was “me” every day no matter what I was wearing or where I was going.

I finally found one. It took me over a year, about 30 different websites, 10 different store fronts and a few catalogs but I finally did it. I finally found my wedding ring. My husband ordered it for me last night and, because it has to be sized, will arrive in approximately 3 – 4 weeks. 


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