Through The Feet

After work tonight my amazing and loving and adoring and sweet and sexy and oh-so-awesome husband and I went to dinner and then…oh…just a little shopping surprise for me. ūüôā

Where to go for dinner? Well, we weighed our options and then I remembered that I had a Facebook offer for a free appetizer or dessert good through tonight and for once I was determined to use one of those things. I always claim them and print them and then somehow I always forget to use them. This time though…I was going to succeed and actually redeem a offer. ¬†Plus, the hot and cheesy deliciousness that is Chili’s queso was calling our names. Then I checked in on FourSquare and realized that I hit a milestone check-in and was awarded with a free dessert! ¬†Oh my…free appetizer…free dessert…this sure was setting up to be a good night. Sometimes it’s the little things. Lol. Needless to say, I ate too much and I’m regretting it a little bit. ¬†There is not an ounce of regret for that chocolate chip paradise pie though. It was damn delicious and I am glad I ate it. I’d eat another one right now if I had one (not really. I’m too full but it was good!)

So what happens after dinner? Well, we had to walk off the over-indulgence and what better way than to window shop at the mall? ¬†None. That’s what better way. To the mall we go!

My husband surprised me with this glorious little suggestion…

“Do you want to go to the shoe store?”

OMG…YES!!!!!!!! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! ¬†To the shoe store!!! ¬†I felt like an excited little puppy. Hooray!!! Shoes!!!

And yes…he bought me two pair. ¬†Double Hooray! ¬†It’s more like a Hip Hip Hooray!

So he bought me these¬†soft little wedges and they were an essential. We live in Florida and every Florida girl needs a neutral pair of summery looking wedges because they will be worn continuously. ¬†They are basically the staple shoe of every girl that wants to be able to be casual, comfortable and summery without wearing flats. I’m too short to wear flats and even if I wasn’t too short I am definitely a high heel person so this cozy cute super awesome wedge is the perfect year-round shoe for year-round weather. ¬†Not to mention on those, “Oh my gosh…my feet hurt soooo bad from those high heels I’ve been wearing too work every day for two weeks and I need to remind my feet that I really do love them by rewarding them with a day of fabulous comfort” days I can wear my khaki pants and slip these on and make my feel feel fantastic and loved. Hooray for shoe #1!

Then…it was back to the quest for the elusive navy heel. ¬†You see…about two months ago I bought this absolutely adorable navy and white polka dot dress with a ruffle on the neckline and it’s really truly very cute. ¬†The problem is that in my shoe collection I did not own a single pair of navy heels. Can you believe it? It’s truly a travesty to shoe loving women everywhere. ¬†I should be drug out into the streets and shot (Not really. I’m totally kidding. Don’t shoot me. It was a slight oversight, that’s all. It’s been remedied. I swear. Continue reading…I’ll prove it.) ¬†I’m on the prowl for a navy heel and I’m searching aisle after aisle to no avail. All I see is black…black…black…black…leopard print…black…black…black…polka dots (SO cute ¬†by the way and I wanted them but they were a god-awful uncomfortable fit and so I skipped over them)…black…black…black…plaid…black… are you seeing a trend? Then…do you remember that¬†amazing and loving and adoring and sweet and sexy and oh-so-awesome husband that I mentioned earlier in this post? The one that I had dinner with and who decided to take me shopping? Yes, well, he says to me, “Are those navy?” and pointed to a beautiful satin-y navy heel that is PERFECT for what I wanted!

I tried it on. It looked perfect. It felt perfect. It was ideal. Gosh…my husband is amazing!

He bought them for me too and so now here I am sitting at home thinking that FINALLY I get to wear that awesome new polka-dot dress to work tomorrow since I now have the navy heels that I needed to complete the outfit.

My belly is full. My feet feel spoiled. I feel loved. I also feel like one incredibly lucky woman to have a husband that is so sweet to me. ¬†‚̧ ¬†He really is the best!

Side Thought – They say the way to a man’s heart is through his belly and that might be true but I think the way to a woman’s heart is through her feet. ūüôā


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